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I have a question about chronic post nasal drip, basically I've had a congested left nosteral for a few years and it hasn't been bothering me expect from a bit of throat clearning but i thought it was about time I got it fixed as I'm wanting to apply for Pilot. The doctors had a look and ruled out Hayfever, allergies etc and my peakflow was good sitting at around 580. I tried a number of nasal sprays that didn't work so the doctor put me on Flixonase which seems to be helping.

I haven't seen post nasal drip on the criteria for bar entry, so was wondering as I'm 22 and should start applying asap should I start my application now and declare that i'm using flixonase or wait till it's gone then apply?

Okay, thanks Angrydoc.

Final question. If this gets treated and fixed, and if I were to proceed to first medical should I declare anything as I don't recall seeing anything do with this on the form ( I had an URNU medical), and IF I were to proceed to the aircrew medical would I need a GP note?
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When I first went to the GP the doctor said it was Post nasal drip and gave me a nasal spray that didn't work for my congestion ( Nasonex ). I went back to the GP some time later to get this sorted and he's given me Flixonase and my left nostril is starting to decongest. I haven't been told I need referred to the local ENT, surely this is a good thing?

Apologies, but I'm confused to what you mean by more work that is needed to be done, as my GP practice didn't seemed alarmed when I told them by chosen career path ( I understand they are not medical aviation specialists) and didn't seem alarmed by the condition in general. I asked the my most recent GP that the previous GP said it was post nasal drip and he seemed to have nodded and agreed.

Apologies once again, I'm confused on what I need to do now towards when this is investigated and fixed. Does this incur a problem if i'm to use more nasal sprays, or if this becomes an ongoing sinus issue and thus I take it, it's a bar.


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Just to add, for those unaware, URNU medicals are not remotely indicative of medical suitability for the Naval Service, let alone Aircrew. I've known URNU students "passed fit" with ongoing asthma, eczema, epilepsy, psychiatric issues, you name it. And that was just one of 700 students! Basically, if the student is able to stand on two legs, they pass.
Ninja_Stoker, thanks for your reply. I'm aware of this, I only mentioned this because we had to go to our local AFCO and have a medical that is the same as if you were to have your first medical if you were to join and I asked the medical examiner at the time if I would pass for pilot and he said yes.
My concern was when they received my medical records IF I were to get as far as the aircrew medical and see I had a past history of nasal congestion, would this be a problem.


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...and different "standards" are applied for URNU students in relation to regular service applicants. The only relevant directly transferable elements for aircrew are Visual Acuity and BMI. There are different standards, not yet tested for: colour perception, respiratory conditions, height & a whole lot more, not yet assessed or conducted by the AFCO Medical Examiner.
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