Hey guys,

I sat my FATs last month passing for pilot (with a score of 120) and for ATC (dunno the score) but I failed the observer section (scoring 102).
I didn't know if failing for observer could create issues for pilot selection: the Naval officer at Cranwell, who knew I was applying for pilot, didn't say or hint at it in the debrief and so I assumed it didn't.
However, I have since heard from a few sources that aptitude for observer is required for pilots too.

Could anyone in the know possibly answer these two questions:
1. Do I necessarily need observer aptitude, or is it more dependant on the type of aircraft I wish to fly?
2. I was 17 when I sat the test. I heard somewhere that this means that my score holds for two years rather than one, is this true?

I have my AIB in mid-November and so it would be great to go in with a little more knowledge than I currently have...

Thanks in advance for the help.
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