Post Card from HMS RALEIGH...

Sent after Week One in finally arrives 77 years later...

<<..William Myler Caldwell, who was known as Bill, sent the missive home in 1943 after his first week of training with the Royal Navy, telling his family he was “finally in blue” and “liked it alright”.

It is unclear where the postcard has been for all this time, but on Friday, more than 25 years after Mr Caldwell's death, a relative who still lives in the property found it sticking through his letter box...>>

<<.. He wrote: “Dear Uncle Fred, Well here I am in blue at last. I did not think it would be like this, you don’t get much time for yourself do you but I like it alright. I will write a letter to you all when I get half a chance so will you hold on a bit. I have 19 weeks here yet. Give my love to everyone. Love Bill.”

The course in Plymouth was 20-weeks long and afterwards Mr Caldwell went to the front line, sweeping the beaches before the D-Day landings and being on the first British boat into Nagasaki after the American’s dropped the atomic bombs on Japan. Meanwhile, the house has remained in the family and is currently owned by Mr Caldwell’s nephew Dan whose stepson Jack Elomaa is living there...>>

<<...A Royal Mail spokesperson said that it was “difficult to speculate on what may have happened to this item of mail” but suggested that it may have been “put back into the postal system by someone recently, rather than being lost or stuck somewhere in the network”...>>


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