Post BRNC, IWOF, IWOC and beyond.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by boulton48, May 3, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys im new on the site and I was wondering if you could help me. I have my AIB later on this month and was doing some research on the Pipeline for Warfare Officer. What I have found out so far is that after BRNC i attend IWOF (Initial Warfare Officer Foundation Course) which consists of 10wks BRNC and then 4 wks at Collingwood before posting to sea to work on a navigational watch certificate. I then return to Collingwood after around 2 years postings to do IWOC (Initial Warfare Officers Course), after which you then specialize which in my case I would like to go down the Intelligence Officer Route.

    Can anyone tell me whether im on the right track? whether I am getting the timings for each part right? what happens during the courses? and finally would it be helpful to know the training for the specialisation i would like to go down?

    Sorry for all the questions guys. I will be very appreciative for the help anyone can give.
  2. As far as i'm aware the gaining the NWC (so in between IWOF and IWOC) is more like 6-12months rather than 2years... but that might be with a lucky draught!

    All the above does sound correct, and was in more detail than they wanted to hear at my AIB. Read up on all the subspecs as much as you can as (although by my interview from their perspective I was clearly going to be selected) I was quizzed a fair bit on this, but not much anything else.

    Can't tell you a lot about the content of the courses after Dartmouth (give me another year or so!), but the IWOF includes small ship handling, navigation and WECDIS training.

    Dig around in the AIB prep thread and you'll uncover more on IWOC. Best of luck.
  3. Cheers for the help jc i will have a dig around those areas for a bit more content, its good to know im on the right track. I hope everything goes well for Dartmouth selection.
  4. Anyone know how to get into intelligence after your first OOW job?
  5. I second that as there isn't much info on that (however its probably because of the nature of the job).
  6. Intelligence Officer, now there's an oxymoron for you!!
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  7. Cheers for that inspiring message.
  8. Thanks - although I will be joining Dartmouth in... 3 days time now (eek!). Hence why I said give it a year and I can provide better answers. ;)

    For the intel. stuff, i'm going to go on hearsay from serving members, so accuracy could be very hit/miss.

    I was recently talking to the intelligence officer of a type 45, and apparently it's almost a secondary job (he is warfare - there is no intelligence branch exactly at the moment), that said he has only been in the mob for a couple of years, so it's a position that if you are eager, you should be able to assume relatively quickly (unlike sideways transfer branches [such as the RN police], which I believe have a 4yr minimum service to do). That said, this chap is still an OOW and like all warfare will do a good 2-3years of sea time getting the tickets under his belt. I've heard talk of an intelligence branch being formed, a sideways transfer only and composed of a mixture of grizzled and intelligent X's, but this could be as cheap a talk as the (reoccuring) idea that BRNC is going to be closed in favour of training officers at Raleigh...

    The intelligence stuff sounded interesting enough, but not as exciting as TV dramas would have you think... obviously he wouldn't have let on to anything classified, but I didn't get the impression there was a hell of a lot (secrets etc.) to it.
  9. Brilliant stuff, I was just wondering because I heard it was a bit of a cul de sac in your career if you went straight for that. But I am interested and eagar to go far so didnt want to stick all my eggs in one basket so to speak.

    Its good to know that I can do it however and go onto something else as my proper specialisation if Int seems to be a bit of a dead end. Good luck for BRNC by the way its going to be awesome im sure.
  10. Hate to say it but that's bollocks. There is an intel branch. Has been for years but it is only now that it is being developed into more of a career option. Anyone who is already in (ie passed out) know?
  11. Sorry to be a pedant, but there is no intelligence branch. You may be able to undertake some training in Int through your career, but you are presently unable to be a core Intelligence Officer in the same way as is possible in the Intelligence Corps or the RAF Intelligence Branch. The role of 'Ship's Intelligence Officer' is one of the better collateral duties available to junior Officers of the Watch but it is exactly that- a collateral duty. You may be a budding Markus Wolf but your primary job is driving the war canoe.

    You can express a preference for assignment to the Intelligence 'sub specialisation' on completion of your first complement appointment. This is not restricted to X Officers- there are numerous characters from other branches, nor are they all intelligent- indeed there are plenty of duffers amongst the numbers (along with a couple of notable exceptions). Unfairly or otherwise, the Int Sub Spec is seen as a place for less ambitious/competent officers.

    The expectation (as briefed to me by numerous appointers) is that you go into the Int sub spec whilst your peers are off being Navigators/Fighter Controllers/Divers/MWOs etc before all going on PWO course at roughly the same time. This means that you need at least one complement sea job- you are pretty much dead weight until such a time as you gain your BWQ. If you choose to stay in the N2/J2 world then your career prospects are comensurately poor- there are no SO1 posts requiring a background in intelligence; indeed most of these 'crunchy' posts go to the PWO types. You will also find your options further downstream to be restricted- I don't know of any 'int' types who have been through 'adult's staff course' (ACSC) but stand ready to be corrected. This is completely nonsensical but is unfortunately 'the way it is'. There is a corporate obsession with the idea that being a good ship handler/PWO translates into being some sort of staff ninja- which as you may guess, is not always the case.

    Hope this clears it up for you. Sorry if this is unduly pessimistic, but these are the bare facts. If you are set on being a career Intelligence Officer then look elsewhere (or join as a CT) else standby to fit Int around your day job.
  12. Thanks for the information, so what could I expect if I went down the route of a General Service Warfare Officer then? Do I do a bit in everything instead of just the on sub spec?

    Sorry for all the q's everyone is being a great help.
  13. 'I want to go into the Intelligence Branch' - don't they all?
  14. JC103 is about right. Pointel, you are the one talking bollocks, except that you are right to say that the RN is trying to develop Int as it has realised it wasn't very good at it. It is getting better.

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