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I've been reading this forum for some time now, however I was wondering if someone could clear up my confusion. If successful at AIB you are then placed in the hold to be called up for BRNC. If successful in being called up you receive approx 6-5 weeks notice before you begin training.

My questions are:

1. Do you receive an anticipated joining date once you have been successful at AIB? – I assume this would be based on how well you scored.

2. After completing AIB are you recommended to re-apply in one year if you haven’t been selected? alternatively are you notified by AIB/OCLC that you have been unsuccessful in your application after a period of time? I’ve seen the 1 year figure floating around, however there are also some people who waited more than a year and were selected.



1. When down at the AIB the Cpt of the AIB said to all of us, it will depend on how well you do to whether or not the Board presidents tell you your chance of selection.

It is not their job to select who goes to BRNC they just look for the potential (so they Cpt AIB said).

I was quite lucky and got told by Cpt AIB that I would get Sept Entry.

2. If you fail down at the AIB they will probably advise you to re-apply or not to. On a form my ACLO gave me there are two types of fail:

Narrow Fail - You will probably be asked to re apply in 6 months/ 1 year

Fail - They usually advise you to either look at the rating entry route or not to re apply unless you have made significant changes over a year or so.

I have passed the AIB twice. The first time I actually had to ring up the TSO about 6/7 weeks before each in-take, to see if I was going to get in. So basically, you won't hear unless you get called up. This is the same when your AIB PASS runs out. You have to either call up the AIB or your ACLO.

Hope that helps HH.
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