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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by benr22, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. I just got back from the AIB on Wednesday, having passed.

    Now, I know that all AIB passes are put in a 'pot' and selected for entry to BRNC based, generally on highest score first.

    But, do they differentiate between which branch you have applied for?

    What I mean is, is my score up against all candidates for all officer branches, warfare, marine engineer, weapon engineer, logistics, aircrew etc)?

    Or, is my score up against solely others that have applied for the same branch as me? - in my case warfare, submariner.
  2. If you pass AIB for warfare submarine officer, youll get to Dartmouth. This is probably the only branch for which this is true. Male surface warfare AIB passers often get offered this instead at Dartmouth, because of the shortage of submarine volunteers.
  3. The higher the score the better - obviously. Different specialisations have different min and max scores. Not sure if they actually tell you what your score was but I'm certain that if you call the AIB up they would probably tell you whether you're within the bracket required for your preferred branch.

    Also, as indicated by IB08 much will also depend on quotas requried by the RN. We're obviously more short-handed in some areas than others.

  4. I hope that what IB08 is saying about warfare officers (submariner) is true! I'm going in for that myself but only managed a borderline pass at AIB and was told there would be no guarentees.

    My board president and ACLO told me that entry into dartmouth depended upon competition witihn the branch, hence why some branches are tougther to get into than others.

    BTW congratulations on passing AIB benr22!
  5. Thanks for the replies and thanks ChrisW.

    My board president said I can be 'reasonably confident of selection' with my score.

    That, plus the shortage of volunteer submariners means things are looking good.

    Does anyone know when the next intake at BRNC is??
  6. April is the next intake. I'm currently keeping my fingers crossed for selection for Logistics but I got a "very good" pass so I'm reasonably confident. My ACLO said that the selection board will probably meet some time in February. The wait is agony.
  7. That, plus the shortage of volunteer submariners means things are looking good.

    As quoted above, this is not the case. If X(SM) candidates pass the AIB, but with not a high enough score to compete with others, they will simply not go. I believe BRNC will select normal warfare officers and 'volunteer' them for submarine service. Choosing X(SM) does not guarantee you a place upon passing the AIB. I fear that in this current recruitment climate, it is being looked at as fast track to BRNC, without any consideration as to what the job entails.

  8. I chose submarines before I knew anything of waiting times, shortages and even the selection process.

    In fact I wasn't even pushed towards it by the AFCO as I went to them with my decision based on what I had read on the RN website.

    My current feelings toward selection for April are based 90% upon my board president's words "reasonably optimistc" and the other 10% being the hope that my desire to be a submariner will help ensure the selection - but if this is wrong then that is fine as it was the point of my original question.

    I'm just getting a bit impatient, after having taken 11 months to get this far.

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