Post AFCO nanswered questions & recruit test


Hi all.

I've been lurking in the forums for a bit. But would now like to take the opportunity to ask my first few questions.

I went to my AFCO about a month ago and decided I'd like to join as an ATCO. I'm about to complete my paperwork and return it so I can take my recruit test. Between the initial visit and completing my RN paperwork I've also been applying for other graduate level jobs, so have been practicing verbal and numerical reasoning questions.

The CA I spoke to emphasised how much harder the recruit test is for officers due to the changes in April, hence I decided not to fill out my paperwork immediately and use the graduate applications as some additional practice time.

A few things I forgot to ask and thought you might be able to help on.

I asked what would happen if I were to fail the FATS test. He said I could make a second choice. I guess this is done post recruit test as there is no room on the paperwork?

Are the recruit test questions the same for ratings and officers, is it just the pass mark that is higher?

I also asked whether there were any examples I could look at. He said no. But i've read several times here that the AFCO can provide a workbook to use as practice? Has this been withdrawn?

Finally, a silly question I could probably find via searching. But what is the fourth part of the recruit test? I've got numerical, verbal/english, mechanical.

Thanks in advance

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The RT is the same for everyone, just different pass marks. If you google some of the info on preparing for the 11+ exam, the maths and english questions are likely to be of the appropriate level. Sections of RT are: numeracy, literacy, verbal reasoning and mechanical comprehension. There is a practice booklet that your AFCO should have given to you - I suspect its available online....

FATS is after RT, medical, fitness test and Sift interview - so some way ahead. FATs measures aptitude for Pilot, Observer and ATCO - you may pass all, some or none. Depending on that, depends n the way ahead. Assuming you fail all 3, then Warfare would be the logical plan b.

There are not many spaces for ATCOs, but also it is not that popular, so if you do well you stand a good chance of getting it - good luck!