Possibly the real cause of the Iraq War...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by stumpy, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. I am currently reading my late grandfather's copy of "The Second World War" by Churchill and came accorss the following interesting quote in Volume 3 The Grand Alliance: "In all correspondance, it would be more convenient to use the word "Persia" instead of "Iran", as otherwise dangerous mistakes may easily occur through the similarity of Iran and Iraq." (page 379 of the June 1952 edition).

    So now we know why the Iraq war happened, a dyslexic president wrote down Iraq for Iran!!
  2. Its simple,OIL!!!!
  3. A merican
    I sraeli
    P ublic
    A ffairs
    C ommittee
  4. all this over an overgrown slob of grease.

  5. That's a bit strong about Vice President Richard Cheney 8O
  6. OK then, we will tone it down.

    "all this over an overgrown slob of grease with ego"

  7. all the Shah-worshiping types who landed up in the UK after his overthrow prefer you to use the name Persia too.
  8. The real reason for GW1 was that Kuwait was being rather naughty, and slant drilling Saddams oil fields, and nicking his oil.

    Naughty boys.

    When Saddam pulled them up over it, he was told at a conference to 'Send his Mother out the back door if he needs money'. You can guess what that means, and no higher insult exists in the Muslim world (or any bugger elses really)

    Hence why he invaded.

    Anyone who thought that he just woke up one morning, and decided to go on the ran-dan (especially after a protracted war with Iran which left his forces depleted) is an idiot.

    Cant have ol' Saddam pissing off Saudi though (they give America an unlimited cheque book because they deal oil in Dollars) hence why the kick off.

    C'est la Vie.
  9. So did Khomeni's Regime on assuming power. Officially Iran IS Persia.
  10. Come back Mesopotamia, all is forgiven!

    If it aint broke, don't fix it.

  11. At this time directional [slant] drilling was in it's infancy and there was only one company that had real good methodology................take a wild guess at the company's name folks??????????????????? Anyone who said Halliburton wins a big ceegar.

    Iraq was trying to re-stabilise after the US inspired war with Iran and the Iraqis needed some oil-price stability in order to get back on their feet. One OPEC country kept unilaterally lowering oil prices during this period..............another big ceegar to anyone who guessed the name of the country was Kuwait.

    Kuwait was stealing Iraqi oil to force down the oil price and at the same time demanding re-payment of $30b in loans that they had made to Iraq during the Iraq-Iran war.

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