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Possible Walt?

Bumblebee_is_Nuts! said:
I might Be wrong but:
Pinch claims that in the 'What was no.1 when you joined up?' thead:
PINCH said:
May 25 1965. Sandie Shaw - "Long Live Love"
I was sure it was Concrete and Clay but the BBC know otherwise
Giving the benefit of the doubt, if Pinch joined at Age 15 his minimum DOB would be 25 May 1950. Thus his age today would be 57+.

However he claims in the 'Does the RNR need more Officers' Thread:
PINCH said:
I haven't had any contact with my DO for a couple of months now as she doesn't even bother turning up anymore as we constantly ask the same questions, yet never get any answers.

Making him the oldest serving member of the RNR, when everyone else retires at 55. Also, if he is still in the RNR, why does he need to run to a DO, surely someone who is 57+ must be seriously RDP.
Or is he a Walt?
I call it as I see it.

BB windyer neck in ------- your first line -----you are wrong :bball:

:nemo: :nemo:
BIN - please I was glad that you took on BB but Pinch is a bit of a technophobe, he has not learnt the quote function. I am quite sure he does not need me to support him being an ex stoker and all, but still be nice.


War Hero
God who gives a toss.If he was a walt why would he say he is in the RNR?(no disrespect of course) The term walt is being well overused on both RR and arrse.The guys actually in the forces dont actually use the term ,lets drop it eh?


War Hero
Sorry folks I am Not RNR ex regular.

I must compliment BIN for his detective work.

Nearly right Born 1949, joined (well dad Joined my 15.6 ) in 1965.

Thank you to Rosi for her input.

Rant over Goiung to a darkend room


War Hero
Err...excuse me, but why is this in the Corps forum exactly. I will hence forth be posting replies to aspiring Royals in the Submariners, RNR, Fleet and Shore Establishments Forums as and when. Mods please move this thread to Lils or the Gash Barge.


Book Reviewer
Typical Librarian, on the wrong shelf is it luvvie?

:w00t: :thumright: :thumright: :w00t:
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