Possible New Fast Patrol Craft

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ukdaytona, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I sincerely hope you are not condoning the spending of money on decent equipment, shocking, heretic!!!!! :evil:
  2. No we can't have them. They wern't made by BAE and they probably work properly :?
  3. Just rebuild Vospers or Elco's or Higgins boats. Inexpensive , very fast , effective , proven, shallow draft heavily armed, stealthy (Wooden)

    Mount cheap anti-ship missiles and a chain gun or 2 or modèle F2/Oerlikon/Bushmaster etc. Do we still have Bofors guns knocking about?


    Get the Jolly Roger and the White Ensign up on that bad boy.

    The full plans still exist and they can be built here in a hurry.


    Who do I have to lobby?
  4. if theyre going to replace a ship's boat then surely theyd have to deploy the LPDs everywhere for them to operate out of.... these fast patrol boats are hardly going to be stored on a T23 deck lol!

    What about the RMs new heavily armoured patrol boats that are currently being trialled? Twin gimpys on the bow, light armour, do you know what i mean? cant find a link for it atm.
  5. They may be capable of being built fast, but can they be bought fast by DPA?

    The reality is they need them now, not just after they complete the new carriers, so we have to look for something you can take delivery of as soon as the cheque clears. Now who with FPBs of some sort actually approves of our presence in Iraq?
  6. Ahhhh but the beauty is they wouldn't have to , as the range on the things, especially with Falconer Marine V-12's fitted would be impressive.

    I'm also thinking they'd be based close to the Shatt , therefore negating the need for dedicated 'support ships' , We're just using them in one location here.

    I'm really tihnking of an inexpensive yet proven and very capable solution.

    Sorry I had to look so far into the past to find one , but it's a solution that we don't need to get into bed with a major defence contractor to solve. Any capable small yard could produice these, as indeed they did during the time of the 1939-45 unpleasantness

    They can be sea freighted out , or could they transit via Suez?

    In fact I'll drop an email to the PT boat people who know all about costs and stuff as they have done similar costing exercises in the last few years.

    Yes it's blue sky thinking, but hey, why not? :D
  7. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer


    this is one version - but all we need is an upamoured rhib - like we have already.... then there is no need for extra spares, they can be carried in existing cradles etc...

    In order to get the numbers we should put one of the old style LSL's at anchor up in the SAA - they are plenty shallow enough and they could look after a dozen or so of them for as long as you wanted....

    No need for an FF or LPD to go anywhere near them.
  8. We've already got these…


    And Sir Bedivere is somewhere up that neck of the woods already
  9. If we got them OS, where the bloody hell they being used ???
    Gosport or Faslane ?
    Why they not being deployed ??
  10. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Haven't seen them before, but that's the dog's cock. I presume they have those stashed away down in Poole. You wouldn't need many - just 3 or 4 to ride shot gun on the ordinary RHIBS carrying the inspection teams.
  11. Where are they RPGs and rocket launchers???
  12. Those are the ones I meant in my post. Oooo those make me happy in my special place...
  13. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    you wouldn't need one with twin generals and .50s. RPG is a one shot weapon that you could only realistically fire when stationary - if you wanted to hit that is. There are also backblast issues.... The IRG used to use missiles from their boghammers etc but only against big targets like tankers during the Iran/Iraq war.

    For the kind of work they would be doing a show of force would be more than enough - they wouldn't pick a fight with someone as well armed and as numerous as they were.
  14. Not too sure how sea-going they may be though, they are a tad top heavy.... great for the canals of birmingham however.
  15. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I like the handy rugby ball stowage behind the coxswains head! :lol:
  16. You can never have enough guns, bombs and bullets.
    Oh and them smoke things, they look good too with a few WP grenades.

    Could we not mount one of them automatic granade launchers the RM are mounting on some of the Land Rovers in lieu of a .50cal ?
  18. 38kts, 300 mile range, designed for offshore work, bullet proof citadel, twin GPMG's, two .50's and you can stick a 40mm AGL on it if you need more firepower… 46 been ordered, first delivered to 539 Assault Sqn last year, currently running up and down the Shatt Al Arab with them…

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