Possible medical issue?

I did 7 weeks when I was 18 ( a longer time ago than I wish) and I regretted leaving pretty much ever since. I was getting fit to rejoin a few years back (around 5/6 years ago) but injured the top of my leg/hip area. I had calcium deposits form and had surgery to remove them 4 years back. I have not had any issues since. I really want to rejoin still and have started getting fit, still have to get a good amount of weight off. I know each medical case is different but does anyone know if the surgery would bar me from rejoining?.
I'm hoping to be able to get into my local careers office in the next week otherwise I wont be able to till September as I have to take my grandad home for a few weeks.


Lantern Swinger
There will be a very close look at your hip and medical history from both your GP and Specialist. If you can collect as much information as possibly about the problem, hopefully to ease your path.
I am sorry, but each case is unique, so a clearer answer isn't possible.
Thanks for the reply.
I went to the careers office in London and was told uts not a immediate rejection and it would depend on the medical. So its now get the weight off and go back in a few months abd hope for the best.

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