Possible medical discharge.

Nearly two years ago, I was made P3P because of my ongoing bad back problem. Since then, I have developed a knee and foot problems. Which I'm currently seeking advice.

If, with the conjunction of my back problem, the medical staff decide that I need NBOS, what would be my entitlements and pention be? if they decide that my services would no longer required.

I have been in the navy for 13 years and been a LH for just over a year and I am not OPS. I also live in married quarters with a young family. I have been asking for some advice from different DO's onbord my ship. But none of them could give me a definitive answer or advice.
Thanks for the reply.

I know that pensions are a bit of a minefield. I forgot to mention, that I'm on the old 75 pension.

One thing I'm confused about, is that if I was to be NBOS out, I know I will get some kind of pension. I have been told a lot of things most say that I would get a full (22 year) pension and some. But all this, is 2 deck buzzes.

It's good to know that I/we will have the house for a little time after I leave. At leat my family will have a roof over their heads for a bit.

I also forgot to ask about resettlement. Would the termination date be extended or taken into account?

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