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Possible Canadian RM Walt needed


Dear all,

On another military forum I frequent, there is a chap claiming to be ex 'Joint Training Cadre (RM), Mountain Warfare Troop ''O grade instructor'' and IC Zulu Troop'.

Being ex Royal Engineers myself, and having worked briefly with Royal, this got my hackles up. I want to ask, was there ever such a thing as a Royal Marine Joint Training Initiative?

He also claims to have done P-coy.

Also, what is a good way to catch him out? Colour of the boathouse type question is what I'm thinking!

Many thanks from a pongo


War Hero
Old numbers (pre JPA) were usually prefixed P0, 5 more digits & ended in a letter, similar to: P067335M for example


War Hero
Ask him his first 2 numbers ie PO 55..... and what year he supposedly joined. write the result on here and you will find out in 2 minutes.

He's obviously making alot of noise over there gripping ur sh1t haha


ok he says his RM service number is 205*** ( told him to replace the stars to keep anonymous), and that he joined at Southsea. He rejoined at Eastney, and the second time his service number was 206***. Would he not keep the original number?


Ok now he is saying there was a proposed amalgamation of RM & Parachute Regiment in the late 70's? He attended P-coy for this, but was already winged up???????


It's quite funny reading!
BTW the whole service number thing is a pile of crap: N does not stand for Navy! And yes, Officers do have Service Numbers!


Thanks, I first smelt a fish (walteye???) reading his bizarre balkans story killing 'stags'.

So would he have done P-coy? I was always told attendance on the Commando Course counted as P-coy, therefore holders of the dagger could go straight to BPC.


War Hero
canuck_sapper said:
Thanks, I first smelt a fish (walteye???) reading his bizarre balkans story killing 'stags'.

So would he have done P-coy? I was always told attendance on the Commando Course counted as P-coy, therefore holders of the dagger could go straight to BPC.

I have heard of REME commandos doing p coy as well. Not that they have to just that they want to dodge time in batalians.
So he may have sounds unlikely though.


War Hero
I read the whole thread the guy is a complete chopper. He has done his research but thats about it, He namedrops a few random places but hardly any of it makes any sense. He reckons RM officers don't have service numbers. Starts talking about Commachio group out of poole apparently and then at the end he cockily say's he will take any doubters to Condor to meet the MAAW cadre. Thats news to me i spent 5 years in Condor and there Is'nt any MAAW section in any of the commando units Drinking tea and tying knots except for the company ML2's, the ML1's in Recce troop or the unit ML . Name dropping Walter mitty cnut i imagine he joined RM training and probably got binned. I dont doubt there has been the odd bootneck who did P coy but i have never met or heard of one.
No self respecting bootneck would ever bleat on this much about airbourne related topics, 3 para mortars, Airbourne brotherhood blaa blaa blaa Bore off nobber!.
His wild fantasistic war story at the begining is awesome mind but utter waltish drivvel. Liked the bit about the youngun touching his Canadian flash and almost cumming in his pants hahaha.
Canuck sapper please cut and paste this mate and put it on your forum i couldnt be arsed registering pal.
Its also intresting to see how nobody on the forum can relate to his awesome contact story. Usually somebody could relate to it but not this time. How much drivvel can one man create about sentry killing??

WALT CNUT! Come over to my underwear drawer chodmeister and maybe i will introduce to my my Airborne stained bellend.


War Hero
Kinnell, an amalgamation of John Wayne, Arnold Schwarzeneger and Bruce Willis all in one body - ain't we lucky he's on our side. Perhaps if we sent him to somewhere hot and sandy, we could withdraw half the coalition forces, retaining only enough to fill the body bags he would fill. What a dozy James Hunt, thinking he could bullshite like that and get away with it.
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