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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kelly1111111, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. I'm three weeks from completing ETME(sm) baby's course (phase two) and have found out I'm likely to be declaird unfit for ME and submarine service due to colourblindness. The PMO has explained to be the branches open and I like the lookof two of them, naval nurse and medic. I have looked into both and am not sure what to go for if the worst does happen. I don't have the UCAS points needed for student nurse. Do you think due to the fact I have been in nearly a year and the navy was made awear the whole way through the application proses that i am colour blind that there would be anyway of getting around this? I'm guessing no but it's worth asking
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  2. Getting around what?
  3. UCAS points I'm guessing, well that's what my spider senses are telling me.
  4. I love the RN. We allow someone who is colour blind to join and then get all surprised when we find out he's colour blind.
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  5. Colour Perception standards for NN and MA are the same as ET(ME)(SM), so the PMO may be giving you some duff information.
  6. It would be interesting if the OP was to get some variously coloured tablets mixed up.

    That is the reason a lot of 'tech' trades have the colour blinde ban - 'Cut the red wire' - BOOM!
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  7. But if you haven't got the academic prowess for Student Nurse then the only thing left out of the two is MA!
  8. Yeah it was the UCAS point I was wondering about. And according to what he told me NN and MAs do need a level of colour perception it is not ad high a level as ET ME (SM) it would all depend on a branch specific test for these branches wether I could transfer.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As Drakey states, ET(MESM), Navy Nurse and Medical Assistant must reach Colour Perception grade 4 (CP4) - the minimum standard for entry into the Naval service. Colour perception rarely changes, but if you were above CP5 at your initial medical and your colour perception standard is now lower than CP4, then I'd be inclined to have another chat with the PMO.

    BR3, Chapter 7, Article 0757, Eligibility Matrix lists all Colour Perception standards for all RN/RM Branches under "Physical Standards": http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/News-and-Events/Reference-Library/~/media/Files/Navy-PDFs/News-and-Events/Naval%20Publications/BR%203/br3book/ch07%20Matrix%20RNRMRFA.pdf
  10. I must admit as an MA I did find colour perception very useful, especially where blood was concerned.
    Red blood samples were placed in the "whenever" tray but the blue ones well I did like to make sure 2DD was being attended to properly.
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  11. Sorry to take over this thread with a question, but looking at this PDF, it says that hearing for Warfare specialist sensors is 1 and that warfare Tactical is 2. I thought both hearing standards are the same? Or that i have read on these forums?

  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    WS(SSM) or Warfare Specialist, Sonar SubMariner has always had a more acute hearing standard than all other Warfairy branches.

    It's all to do with sonar stuff - it helps to have better lugs and a longer detection range than your opponent.

    Bear in mind these forums are unofficial - check out the signature block.
  13. Sorry to appear moronic, but does that mean Warfare specialist tactical have more leeway when it comes to the hearing test at HMS Raleigh?

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  14. The way it's been explained to me by both my DO and the PMO of sultan is that for branches with cp4 as the requirement you also have to do a branch specific test (which the PMO is looking into) and according to him it's this branch spesific test which decides if your medically fit for the branch. Don't get me wrong I/they could b
    e wrong I'm just trying to find out where I stand.
  15. Become a chef, everyone likes a chef.

    Also you can put your sperms in the officer's scran and no one will ever know.
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  16. I wish I was a chef.
  17. What about a scribes ?..........no need for colour perception.........and everythings in the black......you get to sit at a desk in a nice warm office, no watchkeeping..........and to top it all you can give yourself a pay rise.
  18. Not on boats, they're planesman. Steward would be an option, only have to worry about getting the red and brown sauces mixed up as all pusser's scran is a uniform grey.
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  19. Not too sure what you mean by branch specific test to see if you are medically fit. If you are not eligible for ET(ME)(SM) due to your colour perception then you are not eligible for any branch in the navy
  20. been looking around and found this?

    Candidates below CP3 must
    undertake a further CP test using
    the Colour Perception Trade Test

    not exactly sure what this is anyone able to explain more what the trade test board is? could it be the branch specific test i have been told about

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