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Unless you luck in and someone on here knows the guy, I think, like the last time you asked, the best you'll get is "it's possible". I know RN guys who went out there and once they were there they got used for many tasks completely outwith what was initially expected. It's one of the reasons the RN has had to up its military skills training cos we can't expect to be sitting on ships doing our core jobs all the time. RN guys and gals did go into the conflict zones to up armour vehicles etc and who knows what they got up to while out there.


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I would suggest that whilst a fair number of ET(ME)'s served on several Herrick deployments, augmenting Cdo Logs, usually in the VM role, unless they were on Op Samson, I doubt they would routinely expect a clanky matelot to undertake patrols, somehow. Accompany, maybe.

Medical Assistants routinely accompanied patrols in a support role, but matelots certainly ain't soldiers. Royal Marines are.

Possible, but more likely not to be, statistically.
VMs did deploy on the ground to recover damaged vehicles. They had a FP troop/section around them, but they left the wire.

Although this bloke is likely talking bollocks.
Leave the wire! Isn't that what the MPGS/ RAF Regiment are for?

I was quite happy to stay in my air conditioned line office thank you.

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