Possible Army Recruiting C*&k Up

Sat in the car idly waiting for Mrs S-S to come back from a shop, I suddenly became aware of the stirring sounds of Hearts of Oak issuing from my car radio.

I turned up the volume and lo and behold its a recruiting advert for Army musicians on a local radio station (Real Radio)

I had a quick titter to myself wondering if it was in fact an army band or had some PR mong put a recording of one of HM Royal Marine's bands playing the RN's march past on an Army recruiting ad???????

Keep your ears open for it on a local radion station near you.

Now where is my life, I put it down round here somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saw this poster in Taunton train station the other day:

Jeremy Kyle
Loose Women
Cash in the Attic

Is this the most challenging part of your day?

If so join the Army!

That sounds like the normal tv schedule in my old mess for stand easy an scran!

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