Posh Telly Birds

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by digger84, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. [​IMG]

    would you? I would
  2. Re: Kirsty Allsop

    Yes, but in close up shots she has a tash - indeed it is visible in this photo too. Having said that, i'm not that picky, and I like posh birds, so why not!
  3. Re: Kirsty Allsop

    rgr poo tash confirmed its the whole posh bird theme though
    on the plus side for you lonestar you will meet many a posh birds down at BRNC chatting about daddy
  4. Re: Kirsty Allsop

    Meh, would depend on how busy I was at the time. I'd pat her on her head and give her a biscuit afterwards too.
  5. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Re: Kirsty Allsop

    Of course i would. She has a pulse does she not? Mind you, heartbeat is optional. As for her tash, i wouldn't notice as i would be behind her buried to my back wheels in the filthy know it all about the property market filther.
  6. Miss Bradbury definitely sure I can see a camel there!!
  7. Re: Kirsty Allsop

    Neither! The top one looks like an 'orrible Eastern European whore and the bottom one is just old!

    I'd rather have this or similar:

    Clemency Burton-Hill
  8. Or if we're going for the older variety, a bit of BBC Breakfast:

  9. I must say BBC breakfast does have the fittest posh birds, remember Sophie Raworth?
  10. OLDER!!?? 8O

    Well, depends on your perspective I suppose :)

    Edited to say" spot on, she is VERY posh"
  11. Thought that was Liza Tarbuck
  12. does Lorrain Kelley count as posh?

    coz I would proper do her up the sh1tter.
  13. Ninety percent of the coffin dodgers on 'Loose Women'

    And what?
  14. the only one is the Nolan bird. she has practically admitted that she is up for it any time and is dirty as fu'k
  15. I feel like I've missed a perfectly good daytime-tv opportunity for a sly one!
    She better have winked at the camera whilst saying it.

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