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Yes, but in close up shots she has a tash - indeed it is visible in this photo too. Having said that, i'm not that picky, and I like posh birds, so why not!
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rgr poo tash confirmed its the whole posh bird theme though
on the plus side for you lonestar you will meet many a posh birds down at BRNC chatting about daddy


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Of course i would. She has a pulse does she not? Mind you, heartbeat is optional. As for her tash, i wouldn't notice as i would be behind her buried to my back wheels in the filthy know it all about the property market filther.
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Neither! The top one looks like an 'orrible Eastern European whore and the bottom one is just old!

I'd rather have this or similar:

Clemency Burton-Hill
pugfrom83 said:
the only one is the Nolan bird. she has practically admitted that she is up for it any time and is dirty as fu'k
I feel like I've missed a perfectly good daytime-tv opportunity for a sly one!
She better have winked at the camera whilst saying it.
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