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Posh CPO epaulettes- Where can I ware them?


Hi Everyone,

I got selected for CPO and then from another CPO, he handed me a set of posh CPO epaulets that look like the officers ones.
When and where can I ware these?
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As a senior rate wouldnt you know how to wear your uniform?
Are they shoulder boards rather than slides?


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Try looking up epaulettes, I'm guessing (hoping) you're not a writer!

Ask the bloke who gave them to you where he wore them.


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Tricorn hat!, TRICORN HAT!!

I never had a Tricorn hat.

Had 2 peaked caps - one for posh and one that rolled up in my back pocket!


Should this be in the SCC section or has someone actually made it to Chief and needs to ask this question? I normally avoid being a PSOF but if this is real I despair for the future of the RN.


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Should this be in the SCC section or has someone actually made it to Chief and needs to ask this question? I normally avoid being a PSOF but if this is real I despair for the future of the RN.
I'm more concerned with the standard of the written word for someone who's been selected for their buttons, how did he ever get through professional courses, key skills and examinations?

Although I see the original post has been edited.
^ Aye, ware the OP (ware fair brancher?) to muster the ware withal to visit ware he'd need to be very ware about ware and when he'd ware the said ware-ables, would he knot?

NB - Double-Cheeked with @Muso's Spool-(heeker.

Edit to note that the OP figures that BR3 says it'll be alright to ware them in Looe instead of trogging all that way inland to ware ever ware is.
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Perhaps he means this one

My late Mother was "In Service." at the house at the start of WW2.

Between leaving Pusser and joining Plod I worked for a local builder and we replaced part of the slate roof, it was carrying bundles of slate up two very long ladders that was partially responsible for me deciding that the building business was not for me.

Whilst removing the old slates we found a Woodbine fag packet which was written on in pencil describing how the men previously repairing the roof, had watched a German plane shot down over Lyme Bay. We replaced said fag packet under the roof and recovered it.
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