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I've been offered a job in Portsmouth (not with the RN - that application is still in the system) and am trying to get a feel for the town in terms of living down there. At the moment I'm living in a shared house student style in a part of Sheffield that's close to the university and I get very cheap rent through an understanding landlord (£190 pcm).

What are the typical rents in Portsmouth, where can I find accommodation similar to what I'm in now (but suitable for graduates - usually can't live with students due to council tax issues) and what areas would I be best to look into or avoid? Or is Portsmouth so bad I should live in another town and commute into work? (My first year in this job involves commuting to Farnborough anyway). I'm sure quite a few of you know the town well which is why I'm asking!

Leaving behind my friends and other half in Sheffield is quite a big decision to take and I'd be getting a modest increase in my current salary to do it, although the new job is cooler (government scientist vs industrial control logic programmer). Rough rent prices would be handy to know because for the extra £3k or so a year I'll get I'm wondering how much of it will be eaten up by rent and driving to and from Sheffield to "get my end away"... :thumright:


Lantern Swinger
Ello mate, I take it you'll be working for DSTL then? Very good T&C's if you are.

Rental prices in Pompey are very good for the south coast.


New Studio appartment in Admiralty Qtr, nr Gunwharf £500pcm

1 bed flats your looking at £350 - £600 depending on location and build.

Take a look at righmove.co.uk, this site is very good.

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