Portsmouth University MSc and the WO2

Is there anyone out there who has been through, or is going through the Pompey Uni learning at work MSc. I am particularly intested in hearing from WO2s as I am in the process of creating my prior learning portfolio to get the additional 60 M level points. I am having difficulty matching my learning to the unit descriptions and the UNI site is not particularly to work with.
Hi Guys. I did my BSc with Pompey as part of what then was called the 'Partnership Programme', it may have changed its name, but it sounds kinda like what you are doing. I was with Big And Expensive at the time, and they sponsored me. We had to plough through the syllabus to select modules that were relevant to the degree we wanted and the work we were doing as employment. I had a mate in DERA at the time who was also doing it and we got together and did a massive joint thesis/module, which ended up being UK Confidential!!

If this sounds the same, please pm me and I'll see if I can help / offer any advice.

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