Portsmouth News: "Weetabix Advert Stars Gosport Submarine Museum's HMS Alliance"


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"HMS Alliance, the pride and joy of Gosport’s Submarine Museum, features in the new Weetabix advert.

In the advert, a young girl reels in the 86m submarine with her fishing rod, to the shock of servicemen on board.

The girl, stood with her bowl of Weetabix, then asks the crew ‘Have you had yours?’ – as they stare at her catch of the day.

Gareth Turner, head of brand at Weetabix, said: ‘We’re delighted to bring back our very own brand of Weetabix humour to the nation’s TV screens.

‘Dramatising the advantage you get from eating Weetabix, the little girl in our advert catches the most surprising thing imaginable when she sits down to a spot of fishing.

‘What better to play that surprising role than Gosport’s finest submarine, HMS Alliance?’

The submarine, which was commissioned in May 1947 and taken out of service in 1973, was then used as a training vessel at HMS Dolphin.

She was restored in 2014 and is the crowning glory of the Submarine Museum.

Jacquie Shaw, PR manager for The National Museum of the Royal Navy, which runs the museum, said: ‘We love the Weetabix ad and having the crew in HMS Alliance was great fun.

‘Using our historic fleet for filming like this is a brilliant way to earn some money for the museum but more importantly, it means we reach a much wider audience who then come to visit because they are intrigued to see the real thing.

‘Film and TV tourism is a really popular boost for museums and visitor attractions – maybe we can start serving Weetabix in our cafe.’

HMS Alliance isn’t a vessel that’s unfamiliar with stardom.

In 2017 the submarine starred in Michael Bay’s Transformers: The Last Knight, with several scenes shot on board during three days of filming.

The town itself has seen a lot of media attention in the past few years.

HMS Medusa, moored in Gosport, was featured in Christopher Nolan’s wartime epic Dunkirk, with filming for the new series of Doctor Who taking place the following year."



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All very praiseworthy, but the boat she hauls up the beach isn't 'A' class whatsoever. However, having said that - I realise that the advert does not start off with the heading: "Meanwhile, on a British 'A' class diesel submarine somewhere under the sea on top secret operations..... ", so they are forgiven.


Heaven knows what the beached boat is, American?
I don't ever remember having a four stripe captain in charge of any of the boats I was on, rarely even a three but a nice advert and yes, I have my two every morning!


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It's just an advert:rolleyes:

Surprised no pedant has mentioned the skippers cap badge......o_O Oh, I just have!


No, where did he last have it ;)
I remember a similar cap being used as a Frisbee, in a fit of outrage, somewhere, once upon a time……

Co-incidentally, a ship with a similar name, La Belle Alliance, 200 years ago last week (on 12 February 1820) sailed from Deptford, London with 307 settlers (Willson’s party) aboard bound for South Africa under the auspices of the British government's 1820 Settlers scheme.... Worth a mention, I thought.

On another tack, Weetbix in South Africa is manufactured by Bokomo, a division of Pioneer Foods which is currently subject to a takeover bid by PepsiCo. I hope they don't stuff up the brands like what happened after an alpine glutton ran amok in the confectionery sector.


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