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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by AlisonB2011, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    Not quite sure where to post this as i'm fairly new to the site, I apologise in advance if i've got it completely wrong, but here goes...

    My application is finally getting underway, and assuming I pass my medical tomorrow (wish me luck!) and the forthcoming PJFT, I will be doing my AIB some time in the summer. As I have a very limited knowledge of the fleet and different ships' weapons systems, my Mum thought it'd be a good idea for the 3 of us to go to Portsmouth for the weekend; not this weekend, but the one after that, to build up my knowledge base, seeing as we're going to look round Welbeck the weekend after that. I was told that the Naval Museum would be a great place to visit, but I was just curious as to what else we could spend the weekend doing - we'll have all of Saturday and the majority of Sunday there, so any suggestions as to anything that we could cram into those two days would be greatly appreciated.



    (p.s, anyone else applying for the September '11 intake for Welbeck? :-D)
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  3. Get out of your hoop in the Guildhall Square, and try a messy burger.

    and take in Sultan bop
  4. Hello Alison,

    For a spectacular panoramic view of the whole area consider visiting Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth, Hampshire at Gunwharf Quays at Portsmouth Harbour, Shopping, Cinema, Entertainment, Events

    With discounted bookings on line the Tower opens at 10.00 so the earlier start the better for shorter queues.

    If planning a visit to HMS Alliance & the RN S/M Museum their website suggests that you allow yourselves 3 Hours. A waterbus service will take you there from either the Gunwharf or the Historic Dockyard (How to find us )

    Other local attractions include the Southsea's Details of the D-Day Museum ) and the Eastney Royal Marines Museum

    Not to forget HMS Warrior & HMS Victory ...... there is just soooo much to see/do at Portsmouth & Southsea that even a very carefully-planned weekend will only reveal a part of it!

    Portsmouth UK - the Waterfront City - Official Visitor Website

    BTW, Please humour JFH as his house-training is not yet complete. :wink:
  5. She quite clearly said she would be there at the weekend, so Sultan bop is a non-starter. Nelson used to have a sunday night bop iirc.
  6. Sorry, was thinking about Nelson and wrote Sultan, typical woo I suppose!!!

    All that Pompey/Sea dodging!!! After all would cost the pusser too much in off Air Station pay!!!!
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  7. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    I'd avoid Sultan bop, if I were her. It has died such a death in recent years and now resembles nowt more than a school disco. I remember live bands playing there and Radio 1 DJs and the place being packed out. Ah well.

    To Alison - you're lucky this weekend because most tourist attractions are half price. The Naval Museum site is indeed the best place to take in for the history side of the RN. You could also try the D Day museum and even Explosion, if that opens your silo doors.

    Don't worry too much about being grilled on Naval History. We are looking for intelligent leaders and managers these days, not berks who can tell you all about the Battle of the Black Stump.

  8. Bollocks, just been reading up on that!!!!
  9. Thanks for your replies everyone, I didn't have a clue about all of those attractions!

    Soleil - I've checked the links out, the Submarine Museum looks awesome! Definitely gonna try to book tickets for that!
    "Find out why submarines fly Jolly Rogers, dress up as a pirate and climb aboard our pirate ship to set sail for more fun in the Skull & Crossbones exhibition!" ...I wonder if there's an age limit for that... :pirat:
    It said somewhere on the Harbour Tours page that in March they only operate on select weekends - is there any way I can find out whether or not the tours will be operating when we go?
    Thanks Soleil :thumbleft:

    JFH - I'm not quite sure I know what that first bit means... :slow: Haha, I might be brave and try one... maybe... :hungry:

    Sultan Bop?
    Thanks, Levers. :)
    Sounds like it used to be a blast - although even if it hadn't gone downhill, I don't think i'd be going in anyway, for fear of my 55-year-old step dad embarrassing me with his 'trendy' dance moves... :dance:

    BreathingOutOnTheWayUp - Ahhh, Spinnaker Tower! I always wondered what it was called - you can see it from the north-east coast of the Isle Of Wight so I presume you can see the Isle from Spinnaker Tower when visibility is decent? And do you think it would be a good idea to do that on Sunday morning then? We won't be in Portsmouth until about lunchtime on Saturday.

    Yes, I think that's something we'd all enjoy. So is it easier to park up in Portsmouth and just use the waterbus services to get around?

    Ah yes, the D-Day museum looks like another appealing attraction - we've seen photographs of the Overlord Embroidery and it would be wonderful to see it 'in the flesh', so to speak.
    Are HMS Warrior and HMS Victory actually docked in Portsmouth then, or are they restorations of the original ships?

    Haha, I had no idea just how much there actually was! Maybe I might be able to convince my parents to take me again in the Easter holidays or something - is there a particular time of year when there's more going on in Portsmouth, or is it all generally all-year-round?

    Haha, house training :laughing9: I don't understand what he's saying anyway... "get out of your hoop?" :slow:

    Thank you for the info.

    Levers-Aligned - do you mean this weekend, or the weekend I'm going? If you were referring to the latter, then that's great :D Can save my pennies for souvenirs instead :happy3: Yeah, I think we'll deffo go to the Naval Museum and take a tour of the Harbour, everything else sounds so useful and interesting too, but I guess it's a case of what we can fit into the weekend. :3
    Hmm, what is Explosion?

    Haha, yeah, I guess it's of more benefit to build on your leadership skills and the like, especially for AIB, but would they not take you seriously if you weren't able to answer all of their Service Knowledge questions? I've been told that they ask you loads about the different weapons systems and past deployments?
    aha well that's a relief... I've never heard of the Battle of the Black Stump... :homework:

    Thank you very much, Levers.

    Cheers all,
  10. There's a large underground carpark at Gunwharf Quay, prices aren't too bad. There's shedloads of good museums in Pompey. The warrior and Victory are the real thing although so much of the Victory has been replaced I don't know how much of it is original. As an aside Victory is still a commissioned warship and the only battleship in the RN.

    edited for mong spooling
  11. Getting out of ones hoop!!!

    This is how it starts!!!


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