Portsmouth FC's New Ground

Not being a Pompey supporter, I seem to have missed this.

According to the Evening News (link below), the new ground is going to be built right between Warrior and the Gosport Ferry pontoon. Looking at the available space this morning, I can't really see it fitting in there, even if they do move Warrior.

Have they got it right? Suppose they could level the dockyard if it closes and fill in the basins! Anyone heard any more about it?

The traffic on matchdays will be something else though, especially with Gunwharf and the proposed shopping centre in the city centre!

New Stadium
Having looked at the photos on the link, I agree with you TattooDog, I just cant see how that’s going to fit. They can’t knock down Victory gate as it’s listed and the harbour station must stay, surely? Then as a young lady said to me once, hows something that ruddy big going to fit into a gap that small? Ah well, were there’s a will there’s a way, failing that there’s always Vaseline.
Agree with both TattooDog and Blood there is just no room to put a new stadium there. Most other teams are building stadium outside city limits. Not coming from DS City, why don't Portsmouth and Southampton merge and utilise St Mary's.
Sounds good Sheriff LOL, I await the response from pompey fans, Im assured there are some out there somewhere. Surely Pompey City Council should just revitalise the Mountbatten Centre and use that site. Out of town, close to the motorway. Miles from the bloody railway station though.
I agree Blood there must be some Pompey fans out there somewhere. If I cast my net far enough, I'm sure I will catch one. Just as a matter of discussion and purley hypothetical what would you call a merger between Portsmouth and Southampton or should it be Southampton and Portsmouth
Do they really need a new stadium, why not spend the money on getting better transport links between pompey and gospit, a bridge or a tunnel maybe.
I know the perfect site, Temeraire! How about the cash strapped RN offers to sell Temeraire for an over inflated price, it might pay for the new carriers?
"It will jut out into the harbour"

It is tight enough getting a 20,000 ton CVS in and out with out having to shimmy around a footy stadium too. I can not believe this is actually being taken seriously
Its shocking! Well fishmiester I hope the weathers holds for the rest of NW, but you know Scotland, it wouldnt be a JMC if it wasnt roughers.
Blood said:
Its shocking! Well fishmiester I hope the weathers holds for the rest of NW, but you know Scotland, it wouldnt be a JMC if it wasnt roughers.
Roughers?? what are they LOL 8)
Saw the Kent yesterday - they were rocking and rolling like a three badge A/B after an all day DTS. At one point they looked like the Leander at the start of the 70's Cheesy show "Warship" - shipping green over the bridge roof :wink:
Sheriff said:
Not coming from DS City, why don't Portsmouth and Southampton merge and utilise St Mary's.
If they ever did merge, they could even re-erect the statue of Ted Bates and/or Milan Mandaric outside St Mary's :wink:

Must have another look at that proposed site on the way home - no way will it fit.
Me and the guys and gals at FLEET HQ saw this earlier today on the Pompey FC website and there is another pic on there of an aerial shot. We thought it was a belated April Fools....

According them, it will go ahead and completed in 2011 and the Fratton ground will become housing. I really can't see it fitting either but on the ariel shot, Victory has been moved next to action stations (???). Built on the oggin??? Are they having a laugh???

Great for the council to agree to that so.... there will be either NO CARRIERS built or......they get rid of Pompey dockyard becasue the FLEET can't get in and out of there and neither would a carrier. Talk about shotting oyurslef in the foot..of head

I think the powers in this town and Pompey fc are on some minbending drug. Only funny thing about it is the looks of pooosh folk who spent their cash on a flat down gunwharf for the view and are next to a football ground....who how I giggle.

I am not a Pompey fan, daren't say who my team is but I feel sorry for those who are and what the bulding of this ground could do for the future of the RN/Carriers/Dockyard....economy. Mountbatten as a possible - please not, I live in the MQ's near there. I like football...but not all fans.....
When I heard on the news that they were using an old MOD site I immediately thought of Excellent.

Never in a million years would I have put there new ground where them pictures show it.

Or is someone just 24 days late this year???
Nah, won't be Excellent - I and others are moving from West Batt back into the zoo - Leach Building so DNCM in Victory can move to West Batt - bloody musical chairs. I also heard on the drums that there is or was plans for Victory and some other buildings to be rented out as office space to the commercial sector. A lot of companies with cash to burn would pay a small fortune to overlook Victory etc. Unless of course.....Victory becomes a nightclub...anything is possible with the RN these days.
I do hope not....but hey...I am biased and admit that. What is quite ironic is that 'The News' had pics the night before in the paper quoting 1SL and showing pics of the Carrier alongside in Pompey. There was no pic of a football stadium in there....

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