Portsmouth FC to close??


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Same day as Rooney signs what is probably a digustingly huge five year contract.

I have suspected for a long time that professional football in this country is unsustainable at all levels, a small number of mega rich clubs at the top and everyone else scrabbling around trying to get the cash to compete and in the meantime spending money that they don't have.
It's a shame really, since the Milton End of Fratton Park reminds me of all the old footie grounds of my childhood - the stall selling pies and bovril, a wet and windy Saturday etc.

Then again, having a low capacity, sub-standard ground is probably one of the reasons they are in this position.


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What will that poor old fat twat with the tats and blue dreadlocks do with himself on a Saturday now? My heart goes out to him the poor old soul.

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