Portsmouth aspires to be a City of Culture.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. Portsmouth starts the bid to become the UK's city of culture. I had the misfortune to be down the hard just over a month ago, what a filthy disgusting area it and that just for starters.

    Full story here:
  2. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Portsmouth is much improved and more classy than it was when I first went there 32 years ago. I was last there at the end of February. Every UK city has its shabby side and has every right to seek to improve itself, raise its profile, attract investment, benefit its citizens and visitors. If Glasgow and Liverpool can be cities of culture, so can DSC.
  3. Don't like it? Move out. Like seadog said all cities have rubbish areas. I for one think Pompey has improved ten fold. I guess if you frequented less SH!t areas you would appreciate my point. Damn this for not being place in Lil's.m
  4. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Given your association with Southsea finknottle - which as far as I'm concerned and if I'm not mistaken, Portsmouth Council is concerned, is Portsmouth - I'd have thought you would applaud the aspirations of Portsmouth to raise its game.

    Or would you rather it remained (as you see it) in a shit state so you can whine about the downtrodden proletariat who wouldn't benefit from City of Culture status because they don't like coffee, wine and opera?
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  5. Finks is still working out how to blame it all on Maggie, the "in" scapegoat at the moment.
  6. Come on now, the Hard is the area where most tourists head for and PCC cannot even manage to keep that in good order. That minging burger place that is in bad need of a lick of paint, disgusting toilets, litter all over the place.
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  7. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Litter isn't tied down. It may be blown in from Southsea. The burger place does need a lick of paint and the toilets may well be minging. I don't expect a champagne socialist like you would source his meals at such a place. As for the toilets if they are minging, loiter somewhere else.

    Perhaps you miss the point. City of Culture status may be what is required to improve Portsmouth even further than it has come in the 32 years I've had to visit / live in it. In the 80s I couldn't get out the place fast enough at weekends.
    Ashore a few years back, I lived in and if I couldn't get home for weekends I wasn't climbing the walls.

    Pompey isn't Bath or Edinburgh but then, they didn't see much, if any of the Luftwaffe.
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  8. Portsmouths aspirations to be a city of culture is on the same level as Big Sylve having aspirations to be a virgin
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  9. Having lived and worked in both our main naval base areas, like most major town they need sprucing up and whilst gunwharf and posh Southsea are goods nights out I think Guzz is the best with the Barbican (now rather Mediteranean) and the views out to Mount Edgecombe are stunning, even Devonport has got a little better with the new housing estates. Anyway probably couldn't afford a decent house in Hampshire these days
  10. I jest about Portsmouth and it's classiness, but truth it is does have a lot going for it. The Hard might be in a bit of a state, but then really except for visitors heading for the dockyard I cannot imagine people flocking there. Gunwharf is just next door (which by the way I think is amazing), and you wouldn't walk that way to the seafront I doubt- so although it does look a bit sorry for itself, the pubs that are still open are alright and it does the job. I work for Portsmouth City Council and seeing the funds they have managed to secure for regeneration from successful bids from numerous things is impressive, and the plans will see even the 'skanky' bits of the city being better. I don't really know the criteria for a city to be classed as cultural, but Albert Road has a thriving arts scene, there are several music festivals put on indepenently every year that always prove successful, and the theatre has undergone regeneration, whilst the Guildhall and The Kings Theatre still manage to attract fairly big names and large crowds. I grew up near one of the areas Seadog just mentioned so I am not a bred and born Pompey bird, I have seen other places. Any place with Fuzzy Duck is mint in my book, I am sure many cultures have bred within those four walls.
  11. Hope you get it....Tall ships 1.5 mill to put on 30 mill to the economy Sea Odyssey 1.5 mill to put on 12 mill for the economy, just a couple of events on in Liverpool 08 capital of culture:thumbup:
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  12. As I see it a large percentage of the problem comes from many of the people who live in the city, they have no respect for the place they live in, or themselves for that matter. You would not get me to enter Commercial Road if you paid me, it's awash with feckless scroungers and other associated riff-raff.
  13. Is that just because you are a snob though? :p The 'rough' area as one example with the large playground is feared by many, but it is always kept clean and grafitti free and looked after and appears to be respected. In my experience a lot of people who look rough as a badger are alright, and many come to enquire about literacy courses and job workshops off their own backs. Alot of them may well be lazy, but literacy rates are low as are jobs- even if they wanted to do something alot of them would be screwed, not making excuses but I just feel the grimbles ain't as bad as people make out. Except frogman, he brings the area down ten fold eurgh.
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  14. Rough you say, no they are just southern gobshites I was brought up in a farming village where they were all as hard as nails and that was just the girls.

    As for being a snob you could well be right, we have worked all our lives and have the right IMO to look upon some members of our society with disdain.
  15. Haha yeah this is true :D Nothing wrong with looking on with distain anyway, I just have a soft spot for the people of Pompey and I don't really know why :sad1:
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Still reminiscing about the best 40 seconds of your life, eh, Rach..?! :hump:
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  17. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    finknottle wrote ( he wrote other stuff but there is no need to re post it all)
    Ah, street performance artists. :jerk:

    Perhaps Portsmouth's Limp Dem Council don't want to hurt the feelings of scroungers and riff raff so the city police commander gets a more human rights respecting set of requirements from those who pay his / her wages.

    Perhaps the Council, law abiding citizens and visitors, especially visitors with family in Pompey need more bone in their back and less in their head, make a complaint to the cops, get the scroungers lifted.
  18. Coppers enforce all the laws of the land, that would be asking too much from them.
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  20. The best thing to happen to Pompey was pulling down that concrete monstrosity of a carpark with the shops underneath..Octogon I think it was called.

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