Portraits From The Afghan Frontline Show How Female Troops Are Winning Hearts & Minds

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. Capt Alice Homer (shame about the name) could command me anytime she wanted...
  2. Must admit she has stunning Blue eye, the rest looks Ok as well
  3. Cracking pics Sol.
  4. It may be me but I think Capt Homer looks better with her hair tied back.
  5. Oi! Gok Wan, what the fúck have you done with Wrecker?

  6. Nothing the hint is in the tied back, he is letting his fetish out of the bag:thumbright::lol:
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  7. No its not you at all, you aint got any hair you daft b.
    And she looks ok either way its just a pity they only removed her helmet.
  8. Gok Wan should be boiled in the saliva of hamsters and thrown into a goldfish pond. As for Sumo, he may, just may, have me sussed. I even mentioned badgers and masks in the same sentence in another thread!!

  9. I have to assumed before you became an house trained back afty and came, was aloud fwd, you had all the deviant nature of the hot and smelly hole dwellers aft of the kettle, so you are just slipping back into type.
  10. Are you coming out.
    Lust for feral fury animals?
    Your sick you are.:pirate:
  11. Just for wrecker to get excited over:nike::cheese:

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  12. Luuuuuuuuvrely, but I may be in danger of crayoning or thread deviation (among my others) so I'll resist further comment, and as I spent my first 18 years as a bin bag nursing the kettle, old habits die hard :)
  13. As an ex bender I spent many an hour on the aft platform sorting out duff bathy operators, swilling coffee with some high class deviants.
  14. Yep. I want her to hurt me.

  15. Now all you and wrecker have to sort out is who get first dibs and probably gets their respective ass kicked:toothy8:
  16. I want her fresh. I want a proper kicking off of her. I kept first dibs as I'll bully Wrecks
  17. That's fine by me, you want her to hurt you, whilst I, however...

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