Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by SALTY, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. PORTRAIT OF A SEAMAN – 1939 – 45.

    You may have seen him stagger on the street
    and think, what a drunken fool!!
    But did you ever think beyond the man,
    who sails out from the “Pool.â€

    He sails across the Atlantic,
    so treacherous and grey,
    dodging the packs of U-boats
    out searching for their prey.

    Where the lifeline of our nation
    sails bravely to and fro
    and the blazing scenes of stricken ships,
    light the night in brilliant glow.

    He watched his friends struggle to survive
    in oil spewed fiery water
    and watched them sink beneath the waves,
    in a sea that gives no quarter.

    He may be thinking of his fear of U-boats
    when his ship is left behind,
    or the bombers coming out of the morning sun,
    all this can be on his mind.

    He sails the murderous convoys
    to Russia, the States and Malta,
    though his days and nights are full of fear,
    from his duty, he doesn`t faulter.

    So when you see him on the street,
    I ask you people, think!!
    He`ll shortly be returning to the sea
    And I think he has earned his drink.

  2. Salty how about posting all your poems on Rum Ration, they are really good.
  3. Thanks Dunkers, I have a few of the sea but most are about all kinds of things, some funny some sad. :)
  4. Another great poem Salty. Keep up the good work! I think we need a Poetry Corner with a thread entitled Salty's Sea Shanties - all poems which we could perhaps set to music.

  5. Yeah I could post all those dodge poems of my tortured life as a teenager from my diary about how the government were evil for not letting me marry both brothers from Bros

    then again maybe not

  6. Thanks Steve :)


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