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Porton Down Veterans to sue MOD for Damages


Porton Down veterans sue MoD for millions
Clare Dyer
Guardian: September 6, 2006

Hundreds of ex-servicemen used as human guinea pigs in Ministry of Defence experiments at Porton Down from the 1940s to the1980s are to claim millions of pounds in compensation, their lawyers announced yesterday.

Martyn Day, of the law firm Leigh, Day & Co, said that if the MoD did not come up with an out-of-court compensation scheme in two months, a no-win, no-fee group action on behalf of 350 veterans would be launched in the high court.

The veterans say they were not told they were being subjected to chemical warfare agents at the MoD's chemical defence establishment.
It would be nice if the media also occasionally reflected the fact that it was not only ex-regulars who volunteered for these experiments, but also uniformed civvies in the Auxiliary forces as well who participated! What really pisses me off is the fact that Porton Down DID send out requests for volunteers for "Common Cold Research" - in the ROC we got it read out as a notice from No.1 Group Maidstone (typewritten, signed by the CO) yet the MOD insist that nothing of the sort took place! Of course none of the written evidence seems to have survived. The MOD have been claiming this research must have taken place elsewhere. Well, I for one would NEVER have volunteered as an 18 year old to have chemical agents tested on me!!! Having seen the effects (black & white photos) in my Manual of CBW I would hardly have offered myself for such seemingly grusome experiments!

All I want to know is what was the straw coloured liquid they applied to my arm in the Summer of 1981 - when these experiments supposedly no longer took place! I also want to know if they have nothing to hide why my medical records have mysteriously disappeared? Am I being paranoid?

Perhaps in 1981 it really was Common Cold research after all, except that the MOD appear to claim that no such research has ever taken place at Porton Down.

And politicians wonder WHY they are not trusted when they lie in order to avoid the consequences. The scientists, and the Government Ministers who would have to have authorised such deception, belong in prison. But of course, surprise, surprise, the police have not found sufficient evidence to support the prosecution of any scientists. Of course, had they prosecuted any scientists, they would also have had to prosecute those higher up the chain of command who were complicit with the deception involved in enticing volunteers to participate in good faith, in the first place! Let us not deceive ourselves: that is the real reason there will be no criminal prosecutions for this crime against humanity!

End of rant.



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