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Portland Navy base and HMS Osprey


Book Reviewer
I have just posted some new photos on our branch website, which show the Old RNAS at Portland in its present state of development, which I though may be of some interest to the WAFU;s among you.

If anyone has any old pics of either the RNAS or the Port and wants to share them I would be pleased to add them to the gallery at
It is not just WAFUs who have an interest ther used to be two submariners on FOST staff so the place was home for some of us too.



Book Reviewer
I was just trying to make the WAFU's welcome. A Submariner still has a strong hand in running the new style Portland Port
No problems, probably just the continuing niggle of being dined out of the navy at a Tarranto Night mess dinner rather than Trafalgar night as it would have been in most other messes.



Lantern Swinger
Don't remember any Mess dinners at Portland - usually just messy dinners in between more war games provided by the green jacket brigade !

Undying memory - Q pier after closing time on a cold blustery winters night................oooooh.....shivers down me spine shipmate
Only ever visted Q peir when carrying out one of my hardest duties there, rating work up ships on their ability to hold a Cocktail Party. Tough job but some one had to do it.



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For those old Ospreys, I see that the Naval Accomodation blocks are being turned into luxery apartments priced at between £150.000 and £350.000 to be known as Ocean View


Book Reviewer
ex_wasp_L2 said:
You been reading the Dorset "Ohec" Weymouth edition again Janner?

Thats the one, I was down that way a couple of days ago, if they keep up the demolition they'll have to start from scratch. Watch out for the new marina planning application, all those flatties will need somewhere to park to yacht


What happened to the old Osprey wardroom - he one up the hill in the old camp in use before the modern block of flats opened - must have been one of the best views ever coming out of the main doorway.

I think it was used as the Education Centre after the new buildings opened


War Hero
You mention Portland and I Shiver till this day!!!

I think I,m getting worked up! ... No sleep for me tonight.
Joined a Destroyer working up at Portland -----arrived in the dark the destroyer was staying out till the following morning so I was given a bed and then moved at 0600 to join .
Never saw Portland -finished work up and we sailed back to Guzz .

:nemo: :nemo:
Bisley said:
janner said:
For those old Ospreys, I see that the Naval Accomodation blocks are being turned into luxery apartments priced at between £150.000 and £350.000 to be known as Ocean View

Try £735,000 for a penthouse suite on the old SR's block. Madenss i tell you MADNESS :pukel:

Won't mean much if Chesil Beach ever gets washed out .... - it'll be more than 'Ocean View' then !!


I went walkabouts along the old Portland merchant railway line yesterday evening and went up through what was the firing range. The property developers were still working at 7.00pm on the Osprey site and few outbuildings remain. I got some photos but apart from Snake Pass you wouldn't recognise any of it. The dockyards pretty much as it was though, seeing as its still in use.

Thanks for considering us wafu's by the way. We'd hate to be forgotten :threaten:
It was also the old ASDIC (Sonar) school where I qualified UC Basic in 1958. Hated duty watch if sent up to East Wear Camp Section up numerous steps in the dark, sure it was haunted by old TASI's on Eternal Patrol!


War Hero
For those old Ospreys, I see that the Naval Accomodation blocks are being turned into luxery apartments priced at between £150.000 and £350.000 to be known as Ocean View

Janner, not TO be known as but Known as 'Ocean View'.

SR mess is completed and is being lived in. Orficers mess is still a shell. Hasn't been any movement for over a year now!

Attached image has the old Admin bldg in foreground.

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