Porthemmet Beach

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Richie, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Porthemmet Beach follow the link(s) below -

    A secret palm-fringed beach in Cornwall that is renowned for its topless bathing.

    Paradise - unspoilt by tourists!People hoping to explore the unspoilt paradise of white sand and warm waters with "very attractive surf instructors".

    Do not be put off by locals who might "pretend not to know" where Porthemmet Beach is.

    Emmet is a Cornish word meaning ant, but used as a slang word against invading tourists.


  2. Do they have any caravan sites nearby?
    I'm looking to book a week in July next year.
  3. lol @ Porthemmet
  4. There's a decent one just outside Perrangrockle near Newquay.
  5. There's lot's off decent holiday parks with statics over the county.
  6. Aaaah ! the usual insult from Darzet people. Perhaps tourists should avoid both these counties, that'll hit them in their wallets, and might make them rethink and let their tiny prejudiced brains begin to grow into adult sizes !!
  7. Great idea. How can we stop the tourists?? I'm all for taxing every grockle who enters Cornwall and banning every caravan in the Duchy. Let them all fcuk off back to the industrial wastelands of the North and Midlands and if they want cheap holidays then let them go to Spain. The people who make money from the unwashed hordes are invariably up-country numpties themselves.

    Nothing worse than walking into a local pub and hearing the dulcet tones and grating accents of a Brummie or a thieving Scouser. :thumright:

    Kernow Kelsa!!!!! :bball:


  8. its all right they can come up to the lake district, nicer countryside and nicer people anyway
  9. Are you sure they be real Brummies or Scouses - They could be from Sangatte Riviera ? ;)
  10. Thats funny last time I was in Cornwall I seemed to notice a lot of industrial wastelands, I think they were old tin-mines. Pity you seem to be able to notice everyone elses industrial wastelands apart from your own, maybe I noticed them more than you cos I am a thieving scouser!

    I really enjoy my annual holidays to Cornwall, probably because most of the locals I socialize with aren't bigotted against the Northeners and Brummies that come down to spend their hard earned cash keeping your local economys going!

    Next time you are oop north, I will take you on a trip round some of our Industrial wastelands....Albert Dock, Kings Dock, Salford Quays, maybe you could try some deep fried whippet and black pudding while you are here!

  11. I think that they are real Brummies but it's hard to tell because I'm not really up to speed on the various tribal markings; I am sure that the Scousers are real though because we keep getting our car wheels stolen and the donation boxes for the Blind and Kid's Charities are usually missing from the bar at closing time :bball:

    It will come as a surprise to many to learn that Cornwall existed some 500 years before England itself was formed.
    The Cornovii were a Celtic tribe who inhabited the far South West peninsula of Britain, during the Iron Age, Roman and post-Roman periods and gave their name to Cornwall or Kernow.

    The tribal name Cornovi stays with us to this day becoming 'Cornwall' from the Saxon 'corn' meaning horn and 'wealas' meaning strangers or foreigners. For many centuries thereafter, the Cornish were looked upon as the foreigners who lived on the horn of Britain, the original inhabitants of these islands. The Welsh, kinfolk to the Cornish, are still foreigners to the English and it will be noted that there are close similarities between the word 'Wales' and 'wealas'. (Map)

    The Cornish defended their own Country under their own Royal household (Constantine, Geriant, Dungarth, and so on) until finally subdued by the Normans from the reign of William I. However, Cornwall was still different and after the invasion, fell under the control of Breton lords who were closely recognised by the Cornish as Celtic kinfolk. All legislation passed referred to 'Anglia et Cornubia' - England and Cornwall, much as the legislation passed today refers to 'England and Wales'.

    In 1337, Cornwall was made a Duchy in order to finance the eldest son of the monarchy and money was raised by taxes imposed on tin and by the Duchy's private estates. Cornwall remains a Duchy, an autonomous state and there have been several Court cases down the years which have confirmed this. Cornwall is not a County of England although many refer to it as such including those in officialdom.

    There are no 'counties' of England that have a seperate name in other languages. Only Countries of Britain have this distinction so for England there is Angleterre in French, Inghilterra in Italian and Pow Saws in Cornish. Scotland is L'Ecosse, Scozia and Alban. Wales is Pays de Galles, Gaelles and Kembry. Ireland is L'Irlande, Irlanda and Ywerdhon. Cornwall is Cornouailles in French, Cornovaglia in Italian and Kernow in Cornish.

    To this day, the Duke of Cornwall is head of state in Cornwall, not the Monarch. It is the case in Cornwall that all intestate estates pass to the Duchy of Cornwall and then on to the Duke (currently Prince Charles). In England, all such estates pass to the Monarch.

    The border of Cornwall with England was set as the East bank of the Tamar by King Athelstan in 938AD. This was confirmed in 1858 and then again in the period 1969-1971 when Cornwall's status was determined as a Duchy - not a County.

    Cornwall is also recognised by the European Parliament as a seperate region of Europe and it is represented on both the Federal Union of European Nationalities and at the Council of Europe and other European bodies. Cornwall is a member of the International Celtic Congress and the International Celtic League.

  12. I don't have a problem with emmets coming down here. As long as they treat the county like and where else

    i.e don't destroy what you've come to enjoy :D
  13. You wash your mouth out. I'll have 'ee know I were born in Deb'n but my great-grandparents lived in Stratton near Bood (that's Bude to outsiders). My 6'4" great-grandfather was the local bobby after being demobbed at the end of WWI but was invalided out after being stabbed (possibly during the great pasty heist of 1928). I still have aunties in the area who are fearsome knitters although they've now stopped sending me pullovers two sizes too small for my birthday. If you don't mind your Ps & Qs, I'll set 'em on 'ee. Those needles can be lethal in the right hands! See you d'reckly.
  14. What annoys me about the west country?
    Being served frozen prawns in a so called Sea Food restaurant; then a few days later seeing boxes of the fresh ones being loaded onto a flight I am on bound for Barcelona.
    Over a hundred boxes, all from the west ('cause they had that written on them)and not the first time I've seen it either.
    I'll be going out tomorrow for a nice lunch and probably have, here in Catalunya, grilled sardines from guess where?
    Other than that it is a fantastic place full of characters and fine countryside.
    Just ditch the nylon sheets and Brake brothers food! And, for those in the catering business in St Ives - get real! Where do you dream those prices from?
    Lecture over and its time for a pre prandial
    ps One of the best things that has happened in years is the opening up of NQY as a regional airport.
    WOW and BA serve it from LGW (latter to move to LHR next year Ggggrrr!) It has made the place more accessible without the drive along painfully bad roads. The £5 charge for leaving the place is something of a nerve - if you want people to come you have to encourage them.
    Anyone down there thought of a grant for EU cohesion?
  15. Talking of things that destroy you. What's the name of the beer made by St Austell brewery, the name of the founder I think.
    I went on a tour of the place and they said the beer was now sold internationally, meaning Devon.
    Damn good stuff and proper beer.
  16. Cornwalls never being the same since the Oggie mines closed,now everyone prefers Pot Noodle
  17. Excuse me mate, we don't want cast offs here in Spain.
    You need to properly organise yourselves to be successful in the separitist game. Put it this way; according to the Basques they would be the 4th richest state in the EU if they were totally independent. That is as things stand now, with Spain providing all their defence, some of their police, and a great deal of their social welfare. Left along to find the money for these things themselves would be a different thing. Bear in mind that the Basque country is highly industrialised and technically forward thinking. It has three international airports, shipbuilding, an advanced system of modern motorways, excellent health care etc. Cornwall, left alone, would have none of these things.
    This is something despite ETA that the canny Euskals realise, and from a country that has the oldest parliament in the EU. They are not about to cut of their noses to spite their faces.
    They encourage visitors with reasonable prices and excellent facilities.
    As an example: a four star modern hotel in Bilbao, including breakfast, for around 70E - all clean and efficient with free high speed internet and internal phone calls.
    I paid 85 quid in Plymouth (not Cornwall I know) for a dated, not too clean Holiday Inn. Not even a croissant and a cup of coffee thrown in.
    I'd take it easy on knocking those that feed you. But, wholeheartedly agree that they should respect the place they visit, if that respect is earned.
    Despite the nylon sheet image the country and scenery are fantastic and every visit is looked forward to (avoiding said sheets and frozen prawns).
    All the best

  18. Grrrrrrrr...........................Cornwall is not a county; never has been a county:-

    The border of Cornwall with England was set as the East bank of the Tamar by King Athelstan in 938AD. This was confirmed in 1858 and then again in the period 1969-1971 when Cornwall's status was determined as a Duchy - not a County.

  19. Probably HSD. .........the initials are either Hick's Special Draught or High Speed Death.....................yer pays yer money and takes yer choice :thumright:


    Or if 'ee wants a proper job you could always try a Proper Job :bball:

  20. It took a long time for this thread to take off; my faith in those who appreciate gods county is restored

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