Port or Starboard

Port or Starboard

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Always worked on Port Watches just how it happened. Unfortunately now I work with the Crabs it A or B and 1 or 2 shifts.
How dare we mention anything remotely nautical, after a while you realise its just easier to go along with it.
Ex wafu. Three watches at sea and 24 about ashore when working on fixed wing. Great watch keeping system.
Watch on stop on when on a ships flight. Load of crap!
I was special duties (Blue card)!
Never did a watch in my seagoing career only in barracks!
Did 3 Christmas duties (second leave best) in the UK spent 4 Christmases abroad. East of Suez!! Thats when we had a navy and could afford to send ships to the Pacific....
Ex wafu. Flight Deck Watches at sea ( nothing like Fishhead watches) and 24 about ashore when working on Fire Stations.
Had a couple of Blue Carders ashore in my time.
Never kept a watch on my last few ships,always wangled SSFP.
Though while serving on a Ton class as a an Lmem(L) I was made to keep middles and mornings on the bridge.I suspect to keep the OOW company.
No use to anyone! Though I could use a pair of binoculars and make tea!
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