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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by v8topcat, Jul 19, 2010.

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  1. I am in the habit of listening to Talksport on occasions but there is one person on the programme who I find an insufferable arsehole of the highest order.Just before I hit the off button today I'm sure I heard him say he used to be in the Navy.
    If this is true is there anyone out there who knew him and is he really such a complete wanker or is it put on for the show?
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Doesn't look like it if this is yer man

    Mike "The Tube" "Porky" Parry is co-host of the Weekend Sports Breakfast with Andy Townsend on talkSPORT.

    Mike went to the The King's School, Chester, and then Nottingham Trent University. After this he became a journalist, usually working for tabloid newspapers. He is an avid Everton and Wayne Rooney fan.

    Mike suffered health problems after getting a heart infection, and was awaiting a heart transplant in September 2004. His health has subsequently improved
  3. He was probably Walting V8.
    I used to do it a lot, I became so good at it my DO was convinced I was in the Andrew and was a seaman/Gunner.
    The fool, I was really a Jap masquerading as a chinky dhoby waller playing sailor. 8O
    I think :roll:
    Nowerdays I just live next door.
  4. The mans a legend in his own lunchtime!! Speaker of truth and justice!!! :D

    There again I am from near Chester and an Evertonian!!! :D

  5. Cheer up JFH, there are bound to be some positive thing in your life if you just sit and think. :D
  6. Perhaps I've got the wrong bloke.The one I heard is a total knob.
  7. I said near Chester, in fact just (8 miles) across the border in Welsh Wales!!!! :D

    The only thing I have heard him mention about the Navy is his Utter admiration and the fact he was in the Sea Cadets!!
  8. I am in a similar situation, I come from a small town just outside Tokyo, sorry I meant to say Birmingham, we speak Japanese, I mean with a Stafford-shire/Brummy mix accent.
    Saki, sorry beer is from Burton on Ito, Trent I meant to say Trent.
    I need to lie on my rush mat er bed I need to lie on my bed. :roll: :oops: :D
  9. He said think of a positive JFH. :wink:
  10. Porky Parry is a great guy always tells it how it should be told no feckin about. Re: being in the Navy,
    he was talking about his father. Biggest wanker on Talk Sport Ronnie Irrani Mon-Fri 0600-1000
    worlds worst radio presenter!!!
  11. What the number for the RN confidential bullying hotline you racist bastards!! :D
  12. 0800456789 - You want the MTFU extension.
  13. I said near Chester, in fact just (8 miles) across the border in Welsh Wales!!!! :D

    Ah welsh Wales eh?
    This young lady is Welsh, or at least she has a leek :roll:

  14. She's French :?
    we are shit at everything!!! :(

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