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Question from a recent UK survey:

Are there too many foreigners in this country now?


20%: YES

10% : NO

70% :ãÚåà ÇáÃãä ÇáÚÇáãí ÈæÇÔäØ

geoffg said:
Question from a recent UK survey:

Are there too many foreigners in this country now?


20%: YES

10% : NO

70% :ãÚåà ÇáÃãä ÇáÚÇáãí ÈæÇÔäØ

Many a true word .................


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'Britain' is a conglomerate of nationalities; when you say 'this country' do you mean England or the UK, or the British Isles? Unlike the Goddam Yanks, who hold on to ancestry like the last piece of bog roll, we in the UK are 'British' if we hold a British passport - we are not 'Irish British' or 'Indian British' or 'Jamaican British'; we are feckin British - we are not foreigners. Having said that, anyone in the UK now who does not feel that way (in my opinion) should fuck off 'home'. Have a nice day, y'all.
Kurtz said:
'Britain' is a conglomerate of nationalities; when you say 'this country' do you mean England or the UK, or the British Isles? Unlike the Goddam Yanks, who hold on to ancestry like the last piece of bog roll, we in the UK are 'British' if we hold a British passport - we are not 'Irish British' or 'Indian British' or 'Jamaican British'; we are feckin British - we are not foreigners. Having said that, anyone in the UK now who does not feel that way (in my opinion) should fuck off 'home'. Have a nice day, y'all.
90% belong here it's the ten percent of 'foreigners' that flout britans free speech policy that ruin it for the rest. When a foreigner breaks the law or spreads hate in this country they stand out because they are different, this then gets lumped on all people of that race and colour, people can't help but judge an entire race on the actions of the few. There are plenty of British citizens breakin the laws of England but they are not reported to the same extent, they do not 'grab the headlines' some would say. It is easy to blame many of England's problems on the foreigner's but I doubt that will solve any problems. There will always be foreigners in this country with a diffrent outlook on life and we all have to accecpt that. Survey's like the one above only encourage hate the sooner we accecpt each other and only punish the crime and not the race the better.
I don't really give a shit, it is just a piece of land, I am equally at home wherever in the world I am. As long as people behave themselves and stay out of my face and don't cause problems for my friends and kin then all is well.
I would just as soon see all the benefit scrounging chavs' get the captive bolt to stop their filthy ways. Where I live now, I am a foreigner and I don't get any grief and neither should I because I pay my way and leave people alone. The great thing about living here is the neighbours, because there is no welfare and I choose to live in a posh condo all my neighbours are of a certain standard unlike the UK where you can have a nice house only to have the council or some housing authority buy up some houses and fill them with dross.
My friends in Sussex live in a very expensive area, no scum to speak of, then the council buys up some old guest houses and puts in a load of slags from london with their assorted race children and at the weekend their byfriends come down and the beach is full of chav birds, little feral kids that look like extras from mad max and there scowling black wannabee snoop doggy dickhead boyfriends.
But I'm not bitter.
Get rid of these fraks and I'll take a shipload of profesinal working people from almost any land.
There appear to be no hard and fast rules applied to immigrants. They are eligible for all sorts of benefits. They are housed and their children placed in our schools. They are allowed to build their mosques. They use our hospitals and doctors while some of them, actively, preach hatred and intolerance on our streets. They have contributed nothing by way of taxes but claim every benefit, while constantly complaining that they are discriminated against.

I am not some right wing fanatic, or white supremacist but I am beginning to become greatly concerned by our government's total lack of any policy to limit the number of immigrants (legal and illegal) entering our country. I wonder who all those new houses to be built in the South East are going to be allocated to ? I wonder how we can expect any sort of meaningful rise in our State pensions when billions of pounds are being spent on people who have just arrived here with their hands out ? I wonder what sort of country our kids and grandchildren are going to grow up in and I can see serious civil unrest looming on the horizon.

I have no argument with those who come to our country with a view to becoming true British citizens, working hard, paying taxes and accepting our way of life and our culture. However, I do object to paying for those such as Abu Hamza and other Islamic militants who milk the system for every available penny, preach treason and obviously hate everything in this country that we, our parents and our grandparents fought and died for..
You can take this or leave it but since the information allegedly comes from Government sources then there must be more than a grain of truth in the facts.

Migrants get 2 in 3 new jobs

TWO-thirds of jobs created have been taken by immigrants, Government figures revealed .

More than 1.5million foreigners who have entered the UK in the last ten years are now in work.

The number could be even higher, as the figures do not cover those in short-term housing — estimated at about 250,000.

The number of people in full-time work has risen by 2.5million since 1997 — with 61 per cent of these being newly-arrived foreigners.

The stats come two months after PM Gordon Brown promised “British jobs for British workersâ€.

FOUR MILLION Brits are jobless or “inactiveâ€.

It includes 1.3million people under the age of 25 not in work, training or full-time education.

This makes a complete mockery of Gordon Brown’s claim.

“Migrants make a huge contribution to our economy but the real jobless total now exceeds four million and more young people are not in work.â€


According to the ONS there are 7.984 million economically inactive people in UK but that figure includes 2.3 million who are full-time looking after the home or carers, 2.1 million long-term sick (?) and 1.7 million full-time students, which still leaves 1.89 million unemployed somewhere do not count in the statistics because they are not drawing unemployment benefit.
If your first point was true ajoule this situation would indeed be intolerable. There is an immigration policy and it has been getting progressive harder to immigrate legally to the UK since the early 1970s.

Your points are sweeping generalisations, who are "they"? Are they the 600,000 Poles, the bulk of whom found jobs while workshy white Brits sat on their arses watching Trisha and accepting dole? Or are they the Asian and Chinese who run your take outs or local store, dry cleaners etc you use of a weekly basis?

We would have a far larger State pensions crisis if we did not have immigration. The average immigrant is in their 20s not their 60s, the industrious British working and middles classes tend to have smaller families whereby contributing to an aging workforce which in turn means fewer people paying into the pension "pot" but for the immigrants.

You cite Abu Hamza as a reason why they system is broken. Well he got British citizenship because he married a British citizen. I suspect that if you fell in love with a Thai woman you would be most p!ssed off if the British government said you could not bring her back to the UK. Or are you saying British people should only be allowed to marry other whites?

Also whilst talking about Mr Hamza, he is currently in jail, is looking set to have his citizenship revoked and then deport to the US for further incarceration, not the signs of what you inferred was the state taking no action when the exception tries to take the p!ss.

Finally, illegal immigation, it is a fact of life in a free society that the powers that be, do not know who is in the country and is where at every moment of the day. So long as that remains the case you will have illegal immigration. I do however agree that the mechanism for returning them once caught is broken and needs fixing, multiple governments (Labour and Tory) have tried but so far to no avail. That is causing a lot of disquiet as it discredits the wider immigration system.

Be careful however not to throw the baby out with the bath water, as greater government control on our lives to address this percieved weakness could result in the freedoms you mentioned our "our parents and our grandparents fought and died for" being lost too.
Ajoule, you posted again on this topic to say 2 out 3 jobs were being filled by immigrants, but do not ask why?

If it because British employers prefer to employ foreigners? Or is because foreigner are more willing to work and are more suitably qualified to the jobs that are available.

We have a society where youngsters feel it is cred to not work at school and not get qualifications that the employment market needs Often it is repeating a cycle their parents started and because we have a welfare system as a safety net they have little reason to get off their bums to earn a little more than dole. Dole that they perceive as a right as a citizen rather than a helping hand to get them back into work.

Large numbers of those economically inactive will infact be on incapacity benefits. Again I say migration ain't the problem, they are just an easy target. We as a society need to sort out our ills the government can't just pass a law to make us proud of our communities, or to want to work harder or see value in a quality job. Society has retreated into the Englishmans castles round the country where we hide from our neighbours and are too scared to interact with one another.

I think that is the real reason for youth alienation, violence and unemployment. Until we realise the correct target we run the risk of becoming a more insular, divided and violent society.
Hummm…the Sun…...must be true then

I don`t know why anyone bothers with this `Media` induced mentality…..Look …it`s when they decide they don`t want to come here anymore …that’s when we should start worrying…..
I have lived abroad …yet as a Brit I was welcomed by the locals and didn`t have to live with a sense of rejection….so why should we subject them to it here….

Anyone who gets annoyed by immigration must lead a shallow life….
Some people in this country have been insisting that eastern European immigrants come here to work and are not a drain on public services like health, education, housing and social security payments.

Now it looks like that is a load of hogwash.

One in six Eastern European migrants in UK receives benefits

More than 700,000 East Europeans have come to Britain to work since the expansion of the European Union in 2004 - but one in six are now claiming benefits.

New figures from the Home Office today show more than half the total migrants are from Poland, while 25,000 have arrived from the EU's newest members Romania and Bulgaria.

Although the statistics show the rate of arrivals has dipped slightly in the past three months to 50,000, the numbers claiming benefits is rising.

The figures reveal there were around 69,000 successful applications for child benefit and 38,578 recipients of tax credits from the so-called A8 - the eight Eastern European countries which joined the EU in 2004.

A further 803 East Europeans have qualified for state help because of homelessness and 3,600 have won entitlement to income support or jobseeker's allowance.

The Home Office's migration report update shows 683,000 people have arrived from the eight countries which joined the EU three years ago.

More than half, or 430,000, are from Poland, while 65,000 are from Slovakia and Lithuania. By contrast, only 595 come from Slovenia.

Jobs in administration, business and management are the most popular, with 41 per cent of those registering to work in the three months from April to June this year listing one of those.

Hospitality and catering, agriculture and food and fish processing are the other popular sectors where EU migrants find work.

Growing numbers are also working in public services, these include 700 registered as teachers, researchers or classroom assistants, 1,000 working as doctors, nurses or in other medical jobs, and 5,100 care workers.

The report notes 55 per cent of new arrivals said they only intended to stay for three months or less.

It warns, however, that "extra care" should be taken over this figure because the intentions " may change significantly" once in the UK.

figures, which confound the Government's original prediction that there would only be 13,000 migrants a year from the new EU members, do not include the self-employed or those who have not chosen to register for work.
A little more information on the costs associated with unfettered immigration.

Escalating cost of Eastern Europeans living off the state hits £125m

Benefit claims by Eastern Europeans have almost trebled in the past year, official figures show.

The cost of the payouts - to almost 112,000 migrants - is put at £125million a year.

The Home Office figures mean that one in six of an estimated 683,000 Eastern European incomers is living off the state to some extent.

A year ago, only 42,620 were claiming benefits.

Critics say that the welfare bill will rise further because 700 more migrants arrive every day from former Soviet Bloc states.

"The number of migrants arriving from the new member states has increased by almost 60,000 in the latest quarter alone and now the total is close to 700,000.

"This blows out of the water the woefully complacent estimate that a maximum of just 13,000 migrants
Ok I am not going to be able to go through what looks like a "cut and paste" from another web site. I will make the following observations. If one in six are claiming some for of benefit (and very specifically that does not mean one in six are on the unemployment benefit) that means five out of every six are contribution and getting no benefits back.

You mention the large levels of immigration, now why is that, it is because the British economy is booming relative to our European neighbours and I for one see that as a good thing. I agree the governments original estimates were either naive or manipulated for politic effect.

Onto the benefits they receive, child benefit, that is because they have children, again no bad thing, tax credits again because they are earning less than a certain treshhold and bringing up kids, British workers are entitled why shouldn't they? 803 our of 700,000 are receiving help as a result of homelessness, as a percentage that is miniscule. 3600 receiving job seekers allowance, they only get this entitlement if they have already contributed into our tax system for a year first, so spookily enough they might be between jobs and so job seeking!

The jobs they do are often job Brits don't want to do. Your quote "The cost of the payouts - to almost 112,000 migrants - is put at £125million a year" what is the contribution made to the British ecomony of the remaining 588,000 workers of which you speak?

Again I say, wrong target.
Regarding the bit about UK education - this has been undermined now over several years - and I agree that where Marx - Carl not Groucho that religion is the opiate of the masses it is now soaps and football - When the actions of a drunk American rich beatch makes international news hosted by the Media company that also owns most of the news papers as well has - The events on Corrie - Eastenders and the Gay village in Yorkshire village Emerdale (that started out to be televisions answer to the Archers - highlighting events in the agriculture industry) Its only make believe. however the influence past on to the general public of the script writers take on moral values.
The respected academic appointed to overhaul maths teaching in schools has admitted A-levels are getting easier.

Sir Peter Williams, chosen by Gordon Brown to advise on reforming lessons, acknowledged standards had been slipping for many years.

His remarks are an embarrassment to education ministers who have derided what they called the 'standards are falling lobby' as driven by 'emotion and prejudice'.

Sir Peter said: 'Over 20 or 30 years, I don't think there is any doubt whatsoever that absolute A-level standards have fallen.

'They have edged south, continuously over a long period of time. I think all university academics and a good proportion of sixth-form teachers would agree with my assertion.'

He said there was a widely held perception that A-levels in general were getting easier but in his specialism of maths and physics this was a 'testable fact'. Sir Peter, who chairs the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education, said comparisons of past A-levels with current papers showed that students today face equations requiring less knowledge and understanding.

This had forced universities to adapt their degree courses, he told a Sunday newspaper.

Some were now stretched over four years instead of three because students needed more time to follow simpler studies.

In some physics courses, thermodynamics was being taught in the second year rather than the first because freshers could no longer master it.

His verdict is reinforced by studies from Durham University which compared A-level results with performance in independent reasoning tests over 20 years.

Dr Robert Coe found that pupils of the same ability achieved two grades higher in most subjects in 2006 than in 1988, rising to three grades in maths.

However school ministers have always insisted rising standards are down to better teaching and harder work by students.

One, Jim Knight, has attacked a 'general misconception that the A-level has become impossible to fail and that A grades are handed out like sweets'.

'This, like many myths surrounding the exams, is nonsense,' he said last year. In 2005, when pre-empting rising A-level results, Lord Adonis said: 'Continued progress in exam performance is real - it is not the result of dumbing down of standards - and the roots of this success lie in a fundamental shift in the quality of teaching in our schools.'

Meanwhile a predecessor in the role, David Miliband, who is now Foreign Secretary, insisted in 2003: 'There is no evidence that exam standards have been lowered.' He went on: 'Results are getting better because teaching and learning are getting better too. 'It's too easy for those who have done well out of the old system to knock the progress of successor generations. It is the British disease.'

However, acknowledging doubts over the credibility of A-levels last year, ministers announced a new A-star grade to challenge the brightest pupils as well as a return to more traditional Oxbridge-style questions.

Students achieving more than 90 per cent in their exams by showing the greatest insight in open-ended questions will be awarded the new supergrade.

Sir Peter, who is chancellor of Leicester University, said: 'I believe that, with some more stretch and challenge inserted into it, the A-level is still the right vehicle.

'We should not decry the fact that increasingly large cohorts of young 18- year- old men and women attain higher levels in their graduation qualification coming out of secondary education. 'That is something we should applaud. 'It is the universities' job, then, to somehow select the most appropriate pupils.'

He said he did not think the decline in A-level standards was 'disastrous'.

Sir Peter was recruited last week to lead an inquiry into maths teaching at primary level in a bid to promote 'deeper understanding' of the subject.

A spokesman for the Department for Children, Schools and Families said: 'Sir Peter Williams is an expert in his field and he will do an excellent job in his review of primary level maths.
This is taking a way off the original thread but I fear too many people see government action or legislation as the solution and it ain't. No government wants to report (and especially one pumping loads of more money into schools and teacher's salaries) that standards are declining.

Ask the teachers why this is happening and they are all under the cosh to reach targets. Why can't they reach the targets without lowering standards, because the child are increasingly unruly and unteachable.

Why is this happening, see my post above re society becoming insular, devided etc. If religion was a opiat for society at least it was something that bound the community together once a week, we have nothing now to replace it unless you count Big Brother and Football.

We need to wake up to not blaming others, it needs all of us to fix it. What am I gonna do about it.


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Ajoule, some nice cut 'n' pasting from a questionable source there... but I suppose it's alright for you to be an immigrant in Dubai though?! :roll:
I personally think it is plagiarism to copy and paste without quoting the source. Dishonesty like that does not build ones case, merely demonstrate an inability to think for oneself.

I trust ajoule that does not apply to you.

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