Popularity of "the-Matelot", Moderator of "Fl

Is "the-Matelot" Popular

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  • Who is this MOD where did they find him

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  • He is some Mum's son be nice

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  • Send him to sea it will be his first sea going draft

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  • He is really a Pongo

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  • Send him to Shotley Gate and Lash him to the Mast

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Re: Popularity of "the-Matelot", Moderator of &quo

I think someone should tell him. Being a matelot is not what you do, it's what you are.

He's probably some Pompey RA who secures officially at 1600 every day, but is always gone by then.

(Well, if he's allowed to make sweeping generalisations.......!)
Re: Popularity of "the-Matelot", Moderator of &quo

The matelot ! Hmmm Respect your elders. Leave talking like a tosser to us, you are supposed to be a moderator.


Lantern Swinger
Re: Popularity of "the-Matelot", Moderator of &quo

If you have a problem with a moderator, take it up wih him directly or via the administrators

Running a popularity contest will achieve neither
Re: Popularity of "the-Matelot", Moderator of &quo

Sinbad the Sinner

No problem with the moderator the problem is his with Some of Us



War Hero
Re: Popularity of "the-Matelot", Moderator of &quo


The Fleet-Modern Day Naval Issues only!!!!

Dit's about 'in my time' can be put in


It's as simple as that chaps. It's not rocket salad, ok? The majority of topics inevitably revert back to these dits from the usual suspects. I'm trying to steer this sub-forum away from that route. If someone joins the website and see's that the topics don't go down the same route as before, then maybe they will feel the need to stay and post. At the moment, the feedback I'm getting from current matelots is that as long as the current situation continues, they're going to stay away and post on ARRSE as that is more lively and up-to-date.

And no, I'm not a fcuking pongo. My ratio of posts on Arrse compared to Rumration is because Arrse doesn't live in the 1970's. ;)


Re: Popularity of "the-Matelot", Moderator of &quo

as a noobie sprog to this site, am I led to believe that as I did my time through the 70's any dits I have of my time will not be appreciated because some auld codger decides that he wants to hear from bits of skin still serving???

and as for arrse, its well named - we all know what comes out of yer arse!!!
Re: Popularity of "the-Matelot", Moderator of &quo

Yes arrse is more lively and up to date,but there arent many things deleted by moderators,as there seems to be on RR,its only my opinion,,so in the words of this moderator,you can feck off as well,your words not mine.

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