Popularity of the Armed Forces

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by canteenflat, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. It seems the Army, together with the RM's, is Top of the Pops. The hoi polloi seem to think the Bootnecks are part of the SAS or Paras, not navy

    The Crabfats look second, and the navy third.

    When this was discussed down at the Legion ,someone suggested that public opinion was directly proportional to that with the greatest number of casualties.

  2. The Pongos and Crabs are certainly the ones with the highest profile due to the goings on in Afghanistan.If I had not read of the Navy's efforts on this forum I would be blissfully unaware as are the majority of the civilian population of the UK.What incidents have there been to attract the public's attention to the Navy.Only two spring straight to mind(though I'm sure there must be plenty of others).The Navy fails to rescue the Chandlers from the Somali pirates and Astute goes aground near Skye.
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  3. What about that young lass that was awarded the M.C.
  4. Just come to me.... Kate Nesbitt !
  5. Christ, do we have to go over that again?

    Anyway, who gives a toss? Let the civvies think what they like, until Naval PR is sorted out we will be the poor relation until someone sinks a couple of our ships again.

    I couldn't care less what some mouthbreather thinks.
  6. Perhaps but the irony is that those who are most popular are those that refused to conduct the rescue - I do believe the RN delivered them to the right place!
  7. Not even sure those events affects public opinion. The Iraq debacle with the overweight killick wren and the young Batchelor Boy with his Hawaiin shirt and Sharpshooter camera who thought he was embarking for a Banyan Party rather than a Boarding one.
    No it's none of those things. I'm convinced that, sadly, public warmth for the Armed Forces rests principally with the number of casualties. A couple of dozen sailors in body bags at Wooton Bassett will see our poularity soar.
    Remember how adored Diana, Princess of Wales became after she died.
  8. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The Army & Booties have the highest number of casualties because Afghanistan is being fought on the ground.

    However, if the Navy lost a mahoosive ship, they would surpass the current casualty rate and therefore be popular.

    Who gives a walloping fart what civvies say? I certainly don't.

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