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The problem with the wire services is they are still fed by journos, and accuracy is not required for a good story. As a general rule the only qualification a journo needs to be for example a medical correspondant is to be able to make up a good story that will sell.

So its not true then....?
Father_Famine said:
Maxi_77 said:
Ships_Cat said:
There are times when I am surprised that people are actually allowed to be alive in Singapore, after all they might actually enjoy themselves.


I've been to Singa's a few times and had a rollicking good time, everyone seemed very alive, some more than others (My what big hands you've got, my dear :oops: )

I don't like poppy seeds on my bread anyway they get between the teeth.

I used to travel round the far east a lot on business, and yes Singapore was OK and at it's best when you were in a group but most of the time I was on my own and found Bangkok or Hong Kong much more enjoyable. I used to know quite a few expats out there and none of them would choose Singapore as a base unlesss they were forced to.

Yes the airport was excellent, everything worked, the taxi drivers knew where they were going, crime was low, just too bl**dy sterile for me.


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