Poppy money stealers - ways to kill them

A bit complex, but here we go, build a platform over some of the bamboo that grows 3 foot a day, strap said offenders to platform. lop the head of a piece of the bamboo and insert into an appropriate orriface of said offenders then let nature take its course
Deft application of a large knocking stick, one bone at a time starting at the extremeties, giving em time to come round :evil: between applications?


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toothfairy said:
Cut their boll**ks off !!!
Sorry! Cut WHAT off??, you wont find any matey, just toss the feckers over the fence into the Lions enclosure at any Zoo, and have Atenbourgh film it for General Distribution. Oscar winner in my opinion, :wink: :wink:


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I know how to find them, just look for one of these,

Force feed them 10 bob bits, sharpened like ninja throwing stars, and laugh as the pair try to sh1te them out.


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I like a variation of one that someone else posted. Set up a training excercise. They are the only enemy. They are unarmed and have no equipment - after all, we are on a budget. The sole objective in the training excercise? None of these asses are allowed to survive.
It being Sunday and me being a Christian the death penalty is a No! No!

So wrap them in razor wire and roll them down a hill a few times.

Can supply hill and barbed wire in Killkenny just send em over.
I was thinking of a more sporting way. Spreadeagle the females on a golf driving range out in the field, Do the same to the blokes but paint their balls white. First golfer who can whack the balls into the female wins, better than the last post thread
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