'Poppy Calls' in Birmingham



Just found this link:
Poppy Calls on standby for armed forces personnel - Top Stories - News - Birmingham Mail

'Poppy Calls on standby for armed forces personnel

City men and women serving in the armed forces are being urged to take up a free offer of free basic maintenance repairs to their homes.

Poppy Calls offers free household repairs to serving and retired members of the armed forces, along with their dependants.

While handymen in other counties are undertaking up to 70 jobs a week, the Poppy Call handyman in Birmingham is only doing a handful of weekly call outs and would like more people to come forward.

Kevin Hinsley, Poppy Calls fitter manager, said: “We can do everything from changing a light bulb to carrying out adaptations for men who have had amputations, so they can live independently in their homes.

“This will include installing handrails, replacement taps, ramps, stair lifts etc. We can also improve security in their homes.”

l For more information call the free phone number 0800 032 0306.'

I hope it is of use to someone.
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