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I'm sure I should be outraged but do you know what, I find myself saying well done Assed, although you don't 'get it' you are getting to practise the freedoms they died to preserve and that's ultimately what it's all about.
Poppy Selling Campaign By Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association Branches Nationwide

A group of young Muslims have taken their campaign to sell poppies nationwide to spread their message of "peace and unity between all nations, peoples...

I just see some ****** with a platform gobbing off his PERSONAL views that neither outrage me or sway me to his point of view.
Sounds more like some bugger with a personal score to air.
Talks crap in as much as "cannon fodder because they were black".
He should have stopped when he got to fodder.
His choice. Why he has to write about his choice I find strange. Does he want/need the publicity, does he want to be different - who cares.

I chose to wear the red poppy as I respect those before me who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
He is trying to come across as reasoned but the underlying message is the same one we see over and over by some, the West is bad Muslims are good, don’t wear a poppy if you don’t want its your choice, a choice you would not get in a Taliban run country
Its his choice wether he wants to wear a poppy or not but if he joins the pc lefties and starts bullying people into not wearing a poppy then that is where it becomes a problem.
**** him and his ideas, most wear poppies because they feel the need to keep the tradition going, plus have personal reasons as well. At this time of the year always the same cry from that brigade, bollocks to them.
"The poppy is used as a tool to promote current wars. It is not used to say 'never again' as it should be"

The above is a quote from the article linked.The author has every right to his views and if he doesn't want to wear a Poppy for some reason that is up to him but stating crap like this to justify his decision should not go unchallenged.Every year at this time the population of this country is reminded of those that have died in service of their country and for this citizen it means not wanting any more to follow in their wake and for politicians to stop sending other people's sons and daughters to premature deaths.
Having spent five hours today in blazer,medals,dolphins and beret collecting for the RBL Poppy Appeal and seen the generosity of the general public of my town and those visiting,if you dont want to wear a poppy thats fine by me,walk on by,I have served my Queen and Country for 22 years,2 months and 2 days,have been a veteran for over 4 years,have a job,a family and as good a health you can have at 44 years old of sun dodging,I am collecting for those less fortunate than me who are,have or will serve the Queen and Country. Rant over,sorry.
Much as it pains me to be in the same bed as itrunsdownmythroatalot of the unthinking far right I have to agree with fishead here. I think it is an awful article with a childish 'chip-on-shoulder' attitude.

'You cannot get away from them' Emotive claptrap. Chasing you are they?

'Asians, Muslims and black people wear extra big ones just to show their additional loyalty' Vivid imagination there - not something I have noticed.

'nationalistic and a patriotic symbol' I am certainly no nationalist, and don't really do patriotism, but always wear a poppy at this time of year. My brother who was never in the forces and makes me look like a Tory *feels faint for a moment* also wears one.

'why don't we stop engaging in new wars' Cracking idea mate. Can you sort it out for us? Meanwhile is it OK if I still wear a poppy?

'killing children' And adults. Leave the emotive bull to the far right eh?

'If they get injured in the process it is the government's responsibility to take care of them' Like smokers, drinkers and fat bastards? Ever heard of cancer charities for example?

'The poppy is used as a tool to promote current wars' You're being very silly now chap.

'blah, blah...' Started to get bored

'I remember men like my great uncle, who were seen as cannon fodder because they were not white' Yes of course. The millions of white men that died were not cannon fodder.

Idiotic article written by a silly schoolboy.


Not an article with which I sympathise, but he has clearly thought about the issue and then written a coherent argument.

Ironically the poppy has encouraged him to think about war; to recall dead relatives and to respect peace. As such the poppy campaign has done it's job.

I just see some ****** with a platform gobbing off his PERSONAL views that neither outrage me or sway me to his point of view.
Sounds more like some bugger with a personal score to air.

Hang on Rummers, isn't that a description of this site??


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Bit late there, who's not reading the posts?
#3 Should I post it in Latin?:tongue3:
I did; you merely wrote some words. So as not to maintain the general consensus that you're an old duffer losing his marbles, I added a link to amplify your post. Ascendo tuum.
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