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Poppy Appeal - ettiquette


I want to buy a Service Poppy from the Royal British Legion with the Fleet Air Arm badge which my grandfather served in before he passed away ( - there's a huge selection here, if anyone is interested).

Anyway, as a civilian, my concern is that I don't want to breach any etiquette / look like a Walter Mitty by wandering round in November proudly wearing FAA wings which I've never earned.

I was wondering what people's views were on this? If it's not something I should wear out I'll probably buy it anyway and keep it with his medals and other bits and pieces from his career, and then buy myself a different, neutral one.

Sadly he's no longer with us otherwise I'd ask him.

Thank you.


War Hero
Don't know what other people may think, buy I personally think it's entirely appropriate to pay your respects in this manner, whatever your background or affiliation.

Last weekend I was in Navy uniform and laid a children's home-made wreath in tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives in WW1. Yes, sailors also fought in the trenches in WW1 as well as at sea, but I certainly wasn't going to quibble.


War Hero
No problem, to be a Walt you would have to claim you served, if anyone ever asked just say my dad was a WAFU, end of.
For what it's worth Mrs S wears one with Dolphins on, she was definitely, never in-service other than a Naval wife.


War Hero
For what it's worth Mrs S wears one with Dolphins on, she was definitely, never in-service other than a Naval wife.
Mrs Taztiff wears one of mine with the Fisgard crest on. Again, as Sumo says, a Naval wife.
I would be proud if either of my son's wore my Fisgard one in my honour once I'd passed on. Exactly the same as them wearing my medals in the correct manner.
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