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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by MikeShin, May 11, 2011.

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  1. I got this strange popping senstation in my left ear whenever there is a loud or high pitched noise and am just wondering what it is?
  2. What does your GP say it is?
  3. Probably your ear telling you that earduffs are a good idea.

    If you're concerned see your GP. The internet is crap for diagnosing anything.
  4. How would people cope without the internet ?
  5. This is very true, however, as I can't be struck off for dishing out crap advice, I would suggest it is one of the following:
    1. You have a perforated eardrum. This could come from poking things in your ear or being slapped.
    2. You have a build-up of wax in your ear.
    3. You have a cold or hayfever, causing a sinus problem.
  6. my gp looked in my ear a few weeks ago and didnt say anything about a perforated eardrum and it isnt wax. hes given me ear drops but it hasnt helped. I do have hayfever but i have had this since january
  7. How do you know it isn't wax?
    Is it related to your tinnitus?
    Why have you not gone back to see your GP rather than take advice from a fridge maintainer?
  8. All the answers you seek are at the bottom of a pint glass. At least thats where mine are.
  9. Come come Joe, everyone knows a wrecker's word is law.
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  10. It probably has something to do with this.

  11. I just popped in ere, to say I wouldn't cock a deaf 'en to this condition.
  12. what did you say son, caint here yer for the ringin in me ears
  13. bringing in the beers?..no chance
  14. Who's singing about queers?
  15. Cheers to you as well mate, mines a rum
  16. I think its your brain cells exploding.
  17. Hahahahahahahahaha...............I think not
  18. Queer's have come late, you've got no bum?
    Sorry to hear that.
    have a twist of baccy.
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  20. You had a medical problem.
    You saw your GP.
    You received treatment.
    It hasn't worked to your satisfaction.

    Go back to your GP. It really isn't that complicated.

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