Pope visit: Six men held over papal terror alert

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Merlin28, Sep 18, 2010.

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  1. Sorted.
  2. Merlin 28 why does your thread title say 6 men held when the BBC newsflash says 5? Do you have an inside man at Paddington Central nick?
    I've been reliably informed that a Cardinal, Bishop, two Monsignors and a Priest have been arrested after threats were made to expose the Papal kiddie porn and Hitler Youth/Waffen SS militaria collections! Pished orf that their drafts were gash! 8O
  3. A sixth man has been arrested in London by police in relation to a potential threat to Pope Benedict XVI's visit.

    His arrest, at 1345 BST, came after five men were seized at 0545 BST after counter-terrorism officers received intelligence of a potential threat.
  4. Bloody hell;
    Speaking as a devout atheist, bury the buggers. Whatever else, he's a man of peace and deserves some respect; whatever pent up grievances we may have against his culture/regime/beliefs.

  5. <<Police sources say officers think there was "no credible threat" to the Pope after six arrested men were questioned.>>

    From: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11359756

    Merlin - Take five from posting 'instant news flashes', perlease. Not eveyones cuppa tea, young sir. Sigh :roll:
  6. Seen a bit of this on TV.when he arrived in Scotland.Her Majesty definitely had the nicer hat,but he had the nicer dress.
  7. Well they've been released without charge and seemingly without any basis for charges.
  8. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Oh, good, lawyers will get fat and we shall all have to cough up damages for wrongful arrest. Perhaps Cherie Booth will be on the case.
  9. Nothing to do of course with ensuring the terror threat remains high on the news agenda...
  10. Are you saying that the powers that be are attempting to manipulate our minds :roll:
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Don't forget that the Security Services will also be under the cosh for cash reductions at the moment
  12. Short answer: Possibly. Slightly longer one... They are duty bound to respond to the real threat and a big part of an effective response is raising public awareness. Unfortunately in this digital media age joe public's head is filled with uptold amounts of cr*p all of which has the same value in terms of occupying their thoughts.

    Then again it may well have been down to an off the cuff, random statement made by one of the 6 during a tea break at the depot that some well intentioned co-worker overheard and reported which the police are then obliged to investigate.
  13. I bet whoever ratted on them will be very popular at the depot tomorrow morning :lol:
    What I said was a bit tongue in cheek of course but I honestly believe there is a degree of manipulation going on. Plus and as you say the police are duty bound etc..
  14. I was wondering why the Pope needs security at all.

    If there had been an attempt on his life, surely god would have protected him if he was destined to live. If the attempt succeeded, then god would have been "working in a mysterious way" as is often supposed. :?

    Or are the security services part of the divine intervention? As you can probably guess, I don't get this religion thing at all.
  15. Or surely to be hastened into the next and better life would be a bonus?
    A bit embarrassing if it happened in the middle of London but hey ho!
  16. Thought he'd have his Swiss guard close protection team with him.One thing guarenteed to put off a fundamentlist assasin is one of those halberds. In the words of Jonsey from dads army..'They do not like it up em'.
  17. Since John Sentamu's appointment as Archbishop of York in 05 he has had a 2 person plod escort on his 'walkabouts' in town, no previous AofY had this.
    Any member of site from the YTV region will know that Sentamu spends more time in make-up than Harry Gration, one 'stunt' being cutting up his dog collar live on air. York is 95% white and sleepy town compared to some of its neighbours, now is this a perceived threat to Sentamu because we are all 'whitey', a genuine threat from extremists outside sleepy town based on intel or just Sentamu's ego ?.
  18. I'd report some of you buggers on here if it fucked your weekend up, it would be ace hearing the dripping on Monday morning. :D :twisted:

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