Pope to text children Worldwide

Hopefully, please excuse the nuns and Christian brothers for the abuse they subjected their father to - somehow, I doubt it...............(Sadistic Twata, the lot of 'em)
Even Holy Mother Chuurch is now grooming by TXT message, shurely shome mishtake.
Txt will read.
'Hi Kidz, b GR8 to c u at Ch this Sun!!!
PS FTHR been warned to keep his hands to himself!!'
Big Daddy (The Pontiff to you)'
I would rather he text messsged all these kids instead of gathering them all in Sydney next July. At last count the NSW government had spent $86 million of taxpayers money supporting the Catholic Churches World Youth Day.
I would have thought an organisation as big as the Catholic Church could fund its own get togethers without dipping into my pocket, but given that the Premier of NSW and all his senior ministers are left footers, no doubt they jumped at the chance to spend my money to kiss the Popes ring... :pukel:
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