Pope resigns!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Waspie, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. More expense electing another one.
  2. Pity this isn't in Lil's, I was going to say something there. According to the BBC news he never even told his staff he was going to do it, I assume he'll get accommodation etc and not have to worry about the bills in his retirement?
  3. Fancy a punt...............Bono is 1000/1 on becoming the next Pope.

    edited to add...........source MSN
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  4. Seems that he's the first one that hasn't! Mind its not the 28th yet ... theres still time! Anyone got him for the Stiff List?????
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  5. Not quite true MGM, one resigned in 1294 and the last one to resign was in 1415 (mind you it's only 1535 now :) )
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  6. Can't blame it all on the German's then - bailing out when the going gets tough!
  7. OK - what Nazi / Catholic / school / priest / small boy or girl story is about to break?
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  8. Pope resigns..............no prizes for guessing what will take up the first 20 minutes of tonights BBC news
  9. [​IMG] Hitler youth.........Maybe this is where he learnt his public speaking skills and powers of persuasion.
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  10. I wonder what the Vatican are up to.. something is fishy about this stunt
  11. Some news story has got to break. He resigned and not retired? Perhaps he had a feeling of guilt after covering up the child abuse by his fellow club members.
  12. So what happens to him now big bonus massive pension oh sorry thought it was about a banker
  13. Cor blimey - talk about a pier-head jump! He goes 28th Feb, then white and black smoke, swearing in etc - doesn't give his relief much time to boff up for Easter.

    Mind you, his relief should know the story.
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    My monies on an ethnic for the next in line.
  15. I am not surprised that the old duffer is worn out, all that goose-stepping with the Hitler Youth in his younger days.
  16. He's not the first German Head Honcho to take the easy way out when the Goering gets tough!
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  17. ................I'm a bit surprised that, as a notice-giver, he can get out so quickly!
  18. It's 100% certain.
  19. Eh? Probably for the Catholic church so who cares? That's what their money is for. Squandering.

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