Pope John XXIII


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Just noticed a book review in the Mail re. all the Popes.
It seems one old rascal 15th century Pope John XXIII was a bit of lad.
His worst scandalous crimes were suppressed so he was only charged with:
Piracy,murder,rape,sodomy and incest! That's OK then!
Wasn't an ex-seaman from the RN was he?
I reckon the nuns,monks and choir boys had to be good runners during his tenancy.
I bet there's some tales we don't know from that Vatican and I reckon we'll never know,
Still he couldn't have been all bad!


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I'll bite, Pope John 23rd was a twetieth century pope and John 22nd was pope in the 14th century, 1316 to 1334. So who exactly are you wittering on a bout and does it matter?


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Ain't wittering, asking, learn the difference,anyone can see that if these crimes he was charged with were not the serious ones what were the ones they thought should not be heard as being too dreadful.
Even my grandson can work that out.
Still if it's too hard to figure.Google it!


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:-D The Pope had a big sad on,so he sent for his oppo the Cardinal and said'-" Fcuk my old boots I'm as chokka as ten with this bastard lets get our civvies on and have a fcuking great piss up and the big eats.":hungry:[ This Pope had a way with words] So of they went round all the dives in Rome necking pints of draught drambuie rough scrumpy. They stumbled into a restaraunt[however its spelt] and the Cardinal said "well oppo how do you want your steak" and the Popoe said "rare" So' the Cardinal shouted "Hey Luigi two bloody steaks.:eek:ccasion7:And the Pope lifted his head offthe table and said" Yeah and plenty of fcuking chips". :naka: Here endith the first lesson.:evil3:
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