poor old geoff

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by golden_rivet, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. Send out the reserves - rescue needed - poor old geoff has (according to my computer) been stuck in the virtual hell/heaven that is Diamond Lil's all day. What condition will he be in? We need to know!!!!!!!!! All hands on deck! (except the submariners of course - tee hee) :cool:
  2. Thats cos the Chatroom is either knackered or closed down!I cant get in!
  3. radio message...........chat room is down, chat room is down! scramble,scamble, scamble!
  4. Have you never heard of submarine deck hands GR? :shock: At this very moment attempts are being made to get the entire Cabinet posted as Deck Hands on a nuclear boat for their Half Term Recess work experience! The boat will only dive when it's a couple of hundred miles from anything... :twisted:

  5. Brilliant idea "Always", could'nt agree more ,
  6. Cheering thought though that is AAC what about poor old Geoff ?? :shock:
  7. Why should the submariners get all the shite? Let the wafus take em up in a whirly thingy and sling the bastards out door.

  8. Hey did any one ever rescue our poor Geoff......... think maybe he managed to get out on his own..........

    Geoff come baaaaaaack... tell us what it was like in there all on your own
  9. Hey Pol - it's because the barsteward politicians haven't paid enough for us to have any choppers! :grin:
  10. Sorry GK forgot about that, a Westminister casing party it is then. :lol:
  11. Good plan but as a rtired casing officer can I sugget you let the 'real' casing party actuially get the boat to sea and properly stowed before the Westminster lot are allowed out, after all you actually want to be able to get to the diving area.
  12. Send them for a walk on deck just before you dive :twisted: :mrgreen:
  13. You could hold an auction to decide who gets to watch "live" through the periscope! :twisted:
  14. Hi AaC, could have them cleaning the flight deck on one of the photo's i'm hoping to get in the gallery. You'll see what i mean when you get the e-mail :mrgreen: :twisted: :grin:

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