Poor lefty

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by GuyC, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. Is it true the standard issue SA80 doesn't have option for left handed/sighted people?

    Whilst at Raleigh is there any allowance given for left handed people during the shooting tests?
  2. 1. Yes
    2. No

    Edited to add there isnt any left handed/sighted, everyone is right handed!
  3. Not much chance as the empty rounds fly out the right hand side and it will burn your face :p.
  4. Would have been a bloody shame for Nelson. He was serving with sight in only one eye (his left) and had only the use of the left arm.
    Suppose that would have ruled him out of any boarding parties :D
  5. Great... I'm burned with the curse of the left
  6. Your "dominant hand" is actually your left hand anyway - it does all the work as technically your right hand should never leave the grip.

    Loads of lefties manage, so there's no reason why you shouldn't either.
  7. im a lefty to , but i picked up an sa80 on armed forces day , put it in my right hand and it felt fine. its weird how im left handed but do everything with my right arm eg throwing a ball.
  8. In fact, there were some left handed ones made and I'm pretty sure they've got some at Raleigh so just ask for a left handed one.

    If they don't, you can actually ask the armourers to reverse machine the casing for you so it's no issue. Just ask them and they'll sort it out, that's what all the other lefties do. It takes a couple of days but they'll sort you out. Everyone's there to help, no matter what you need, the RN will provide to ensure you're comfortable.

    If there's enough of you, they'll let you march left handed too.
  9. Which hand do you thrap with ? :D
  11. Yours. 8O
  12. If he gets his ass to Espania we can come (no pun intended) to some arangement, 8)
  13. your mums 8)
  14. :D 8) :lol:
  15. If all else fails you can always shoot with it upside down
  16. So if the Navy accomodates left handed shooty things does it allow lefties to remove their lid at Defaulters Table with their left hand also? Can left handed officers eat with their knife and fork back to front?

    Curious of Civvyland
  17. The marines that do the left hand modification are the bandie's, so make sure you ask the bootie if he's a bandie!!!
  18. Correct, if you get a chit from the Doc to confirm you are left handed, all drill is carried out in mirror image for the lefty, saluting et al.
  19. When you go to the Armoury just explain your situation, as MLP said the staff at Raleigh are there to help! The Armourers can do wonders these days and it is not a major job to convert an SA80 for left handed use, a 4.5'' on the other hand is a slighlty different kettle of fish. When I was on the massive we had a left handed Chops(M) and we had to convert the 4.5'' especially for him, it was a bit of a nighmare but we got there in the end. Likewise I have heard of left handed pilots who have had the controls swapped around on their aircraft, I'm sure one of the WAFU's on here will be able to clarify this. Being left handed isn't a disability anymore in the RN.
  20. As ever 2dd you are spot on, both RW and FW pilots can have all controls converte for left hand use.

    As far as I'm aware, the only thing that can't be converted are bosun's calls, which have to be operated by right handed ratings only. Therefore all piping is done by right handers.

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