Poor credit history

Basically my concern is I start training soon and I have few defaults totalling £3000, I'm currently on a dmp but that's no guarantee that I won't get a ccj. I've passed SC no problem. What would happen if I did get one during basic training??

Any help would be appreciated.



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You can be discharged for financial irresponsibility if you receive a CCJ - discuss the issues with your AFCO on Monday if you haven't already.
If you're on a debt management plan & paying your debts you shouldn't be going to court. Is this just a threat from the creditor or is this a debt you're not paying?
Have you spoken to a debt charity like Step Change?

I work for a debt collection company so know a little about it, but I'm no fountain of knowledge on the Navy rules about it


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You usually get in debt around the second week of each month when serving, if i remember correctly.

In Germany, we would get people in the cookhouse selling clothing on tick to squaddies. Now this was a godsend to those of us who ruined clothes on an alarmingly regular basis. I recall a wonderful story about one of these gadgies wanting to get all his chits squared away before the chaps were deployed to some shithole or other. One chap owed a fortune and the gadge took this up with the SSM. "Do you want me to chase this bloke up? Give me his name and i'll sort it" says the SSM. "No problems" says the gadge. "The name he gave me is Harry Skinters".
Ah yes Harry Skinters, he served in the RN too.

I fondly recall a couple of friendly Americans coming onboard one morning. Now usually I don't speak to Americans, but as QM, it was my job to find out what they wanted.

"Er hey man, we were in the beach bar last night with one of your guys. He'd left his wallet onboard so he borrowed some money from us and said we could come and meet him here this morning."

"Of course, what is his name?"

"Harry....Harry Skinters."
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