Is anyone on here in the process of training for / joining RMR in the Bournemouth/Poole area?

I have been in the process of joining the army, regular (rifles) and have for various reasons decided that reserve/territorial route suites me better. I have since begun the process of looking at 6 rifles in Poole. In the last few weeks have come across RMR and the opportunity to go for the green beret, the greater challenge and more professional end product all appeal to me greatly.

I have contacted Bristol and have been told to email them and they will send some questions that need answering. I am waiting (impatiently!) for that to arrive.

My questions are:

When is the next induction date? How regularly do open evenings happen?

Personal fitness is relatively good although needs stepping up a gear. Does anyone training for RMR in the area go running/gym together?


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