Ponzi schemes and others

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. Things seem a bit quiet of late in the Forum so I'll put forward a couple of topics to see what you think.
    1.I have absolutely no sympathy with those rich people who,for the sake of a couple of more points in interest rates,were willing to risk ten or more million dollars in what was a Ponzi scheme.
    It's sheer greed,It has reared it's head again last week where a guy fleeced over 17 million by promising great rates of return.If I had ten Mill.I would be happy to spend it on building a Navy Hotel in Bugis St with rooms at a pound a night for all former RN personnel[no Kyties alllowed!]
    Don't they know we are in trouble with the cash debt from the last lot of ******* and this lot seem not much better,why would you risk your savings except for greed?
    2.The councils and the Government are keen,and rightly so to warn old people about the risk of fire and will install smoke alarms a great scheme but why do they not do a complete coverage with a leaflet and a card,that you can place over the phone/computer,warning about the Nigerian and other scams that are netting millions from old people.
    It is a scandal that old people are ripped off when a more strict warning may be effective.
    TV adverts and warnings from Police mean nowt,old people forget.
    They need a warning card next to the phone.
    Tell your MP to get on the case. I have done but I think he's snorkelling in the Great Barrier reef at the moment!
    There are the needy and the greedy,we need to get it right with protection for the needy.
  2. Reference the latest Ponzi scheme to hit the headlines.It was by no means just unwarey old folk that were caught out.I believe Colin Mongomery was one of the victims.People get suckered into these things because a "mate" has done well out of it and it looks easy money.The adage that "If it looks too good to be true it usually is" should be applied by both young and old alike.
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Do you want to share with us the bad experiences you have had with Kyties??
  4. No Janner,not my thing.I remember sitting with mates in Bugis St about six or seven having a good time, then I'm on my own.
    All the rest went up to the top to Larong 4/6.I wandered up to join them in the Bag shanty[girls] and found no-one.
    I was then informed my oppo's were all in the other Kytie shanty! married men as well
    Some red faces next day in the mess.
    Never fancied trying them I'm afraid,I always liked screwing people with two sets of lips!so to speak.

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